Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Irish Bible Week

Around 1300 people were on site for the first weekend of the Irish Bible Week at which I was the speaker on the opening Saturday night and the following Sunday morning and evening. The numbers included those in the main tent and two other smaller venues for the Youth and Children's events. The theme 'Taking your place' was then taken up by the other speakers for the week, Dr RT Kendall and Jeff Lucas. Ruth-ann Cannings spoke at the women's venue.

The lion's share of the organisation for the Bible Week is done by the Hillsborough Elim Church though only around 50% of those who attend are from Elim churches. The minister of the Elim church, Jimmy Ritchie and the minister of a local independant Pentecostal church in Moira are the principle visionaries and it is their team that carry the rsponsibility to ensure that eveything 'comes together'. This was the third time I had been a speaker at the Irish Bible Week and it is very evident that it is growing from strength to strength.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Barnet Christian Fellowship

There were several reasons why I was particularly looking forward to being at Barnet Christian Fellowship - a church that is led by Pastor Diane Druce (far left) and Doreen (third from left front row)

My ministry involves a great deal of travelling at home and abroad. Ten intercessors from this church pray through my itinerary daily throughout the year. They have provided prayer support for most of the eight years I have been General Superintendent and and I am greatly indebetted to them. It was a joy to meet with them as a group and I was honoured to have my photo taken with them during my visit to the Barnet church.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Paul and Greta Hudson have been in Dewsbury for the past twelve years and for eight of those years have been negotiating for a Methodist church building. My visit to the church which was booked two years ago coincided with Paul's announcement to congregation that the building deal had now been completed.

The service was followed by a fine Sunday lunch after which I was invited to speak to the sixteen leaders of the church including the assistant pastor Nicola Le Goupillot. One of the many highlights of the day for me to was to witness the great rapport and friendship between the leaders - always a sign of a church with a great future.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Accountability Group

It is well known that for some time I have been part of an accountability group that also includes Lyndon Bowring, Jeff Lucas and David Coffey. As the Focus on the Family center was in Colorado we stayed with Jeff and Kay who were amazing hosts. This picture shows a day off at Bear river in the Rocky mountains.

Focus on the family

It is said that Dr James Dobson is one of the two most influential Christians in the United States. Focus on the Family is one of the most well known TV programs and in the country and the teen website alone gets a million hits a week. James Dobson is a close friend of President George Bush and has been a confidant of past Presidents.

I was in Colorado to spend time at the Focus on the Family HQ and on one of the evenings was able to relax and enjoy a meal with James and Sylvia Dobson, Jim and Jean Daley (who will be heading Focus on the Family in the future) and my friends (more of this later) Lyndon Bowring, David Coffey and Jeff Lucas. In the same hotel where we were we eating was Barak Obama a current presidential contender.

MIT Conference

A highlight each year is the three-day conference for 'ministers in training' held at Regents Theological College that is co-hosted by Nigel Tween and myself. There was a good attendance and great atmosphere. It is evident that we have many fine leaders emerging in the Elim Movement. Other speakers, apart from Nigel and myself, were Colin Dye, Geoff Feasey, Simon Jarvis, Chris Jones, Kant Misra, Marion Myers, Kevin Peat, and Sallie Wilson.