Monday, February 23, 2009

Dunstable Community Church

There is a great deal of excitement and expectation around DCC at the moment and for two very good reasons. The first is because of the accelerated growth that has taken place in the church over the past twelve months. The second is that the church, which is far too small for their current location, is about to purchase the lease on one of the biggest night clubs in the town.

Prior to speaking at the Sunday morning service Doug Richards (pictured here with his wife Helena) took me a few hundred yards onto the main High Street to see Cubes - the place that in a few weeks time will be their new venue and which can seat over a thousand people when fully refurbished.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Enable 09 - men's event Birmingham

When Regional leader for the Midlands Gordon Neale said that a men's event was being planned there was no way of knowing the degree of support that it would draw. However, when I learned that he had asked three top leaders from the area - Robin Baker, Duncan Clark and Iain Hesketh to put the event together I had no doubt at all that the day would be a success.

The above photo shows only a part of the 600 strong congregation to which Jeff Lucas brought powerful and relevant ministry and a band based in Coventry Elim provided the music. The venue was Birmingham Christian Centre

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Greenock - Scotland

Greenock City Church

There are two fine Elim churches in Greenock, Scotland. I visited the one in Kelly Street twelve months ago and, on this occasion, was at the City church that currently meets at the new Waterfront centre on the banks of the Clyde.

The church was founded by David Campbell who hails originally from Greenock. David is the Regional leader for the Metropolitan regions and a member of Elim's national leadership team.

The church is pastored by Ian Campbell, David's twin brother, pictured above with his wife Beth. Marilyn and I know many of the congregation from the days when I was the Regional Superintendent for Scotland and it was good for us to visit the church on the occasion of their tenth anniversary.

The Saturday was a meal for the whole church in a top local hotel and was attended by the Regional leader for Scotland, Kevin Peat and his wife Margaret. On the Sunday I ministered at the Waterfront centre.

I have the highest admiration for Ian and Beth. Ian has a responsible secular job that involves him travelling world-wide. He has received no salary from church in the decade since the church was planted but leads with the level of commitment of any full-time minister. Elim is indebted to bi-vocational pastors who are willing to plant new congregations.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Westcliff on Sea

Westcliff is pastored by Bill Finley and Mike Wright. Though one of our smaller churches, as soon as you enter the building you become aware of involvement that it has with the local community. Every room is utilised most days of the week. I found the congregation to be warm and welcoming.