Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vazon - Centenary celebrations

There are three Elim churches on the small island of Guernsey the oldest one of which is Vazon - currently pastored by Steve Mudge (pictured here with his wife Angela).

The first Pentecostal Church was commenced in 1911 by Welshman, Robert Davies - in a packing shed.  In 1920 the church applied to be part of Elim and in 1926 George Jeffreys held a Crusade there attended by 900 people

The centenary celebrations began with a meal at a local four-star hotel at which around 200 people attended. On the Sunday both  services were packed to capacity.  It was 'standing room only' in the evening when other churches joined Vazon for these special meetings.

Several former ministers of the Vazon church travelled to the Island for the celebrations.  

Today Vazon is a great church with a fine leadership and whose services have a good blend of traditional and contemporary music.  All three Elim churches work together as a coherent team on a island that measures only nine miles between its furthest points.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hayes - Elim Church

It was good to be with the friends at the Elim Church in Hayes.  For the past six years it has been pastored by Ra Smith pictured here with his wife Helen and church Elder Steve Blake and his wife Jane

Ray had been ministering recently on the work of the Holy Spirit and asked if, at the end of my message on the Sunday morning, I would especially pray for those who wished to receive their baptism.  It is always awesome to witness people baptised in the Holy Spirit and come  through into an experience with God for which they had been praying for so long.

WellSpring - Peterbough

Forty years ago the late Alexander Tee planted the first Elim church in Peterbrough.  Today there are three of our churches in the town.

My visit was planned to coincided with the weekend celebrations at at which a number of former ministers were present including John Cave who was the first pastor  and Gordon Neale who is now the Regional leader for the area.
Wellspring is a great church and currently pastored by David Ashton pictured here with his wife Susannah and daughter Rebekah.