Friday, August 07, 2015


Infuse began as a Midlands-based family camp but in recent years has become a youth event under the leadership of Tim Alford and the Serious4God team.  Located in the Three Counties Showground at the foot of the Malvern hills there could hardly be better location for the fine event that caters in its various venues for everyone from Children to young adults.

I was the speaker for the latter group which I noticed was three times larger than it was on the last occasion I was there.  The session was ably led by Mike Nicholls who, with his wife Becky are part of the team at Elim in Northampton.

Elim Festival

This family camp has been running for fifty three years and the reason I know that is because I attended the first one when I was just fourteen years of age.  In those days it was situated in Fraisethorpe near Bridlington and, over the years,  has impacted thousands of lives for the good.

Those who have attended may remember the speakers and others the friends that they made.  But there is one group of people - possibly the most important of all and without whom a ministry of this nature would be impossible - the volunteers.

Rising early in the morning and working until late at night these men and women, who are often sacrificing their own annual holiday to be there, work tirelessly so other people ca be blessed.  Regional Leader and NLT member, Gordon Neale, has been a central part of Elim Festival over much of its life and the camp is currently led by Mark Greenwood and a first class team of people who make it possible.  I loved speaking at this great event.