Monday, February 22, 2016

Ryedale church, Malton

Situated in the picturesque Yorkshire town of Malton, Elim Ryedale is currently pastored by Andy and Andrea Boxall (pictured left) and their assistant Graeme Stewart pictured with his wife Jessie

Having long outgrown its original building, the church now meets in a local school.

Andy has previously been the worship leader at KT and Letchworth before coming as lead pastor to Malton ten years ago

A couple of years ago Andy shared at the Elim Leaders Summit his vision for impacting local schools with good Christian education and has since raised hundreds of thousands of pounds which now assists scores of schools on this part of Yorkshire - a huge vision based out of a town with a population of just 13,000 people.

I received a great reception  from this warm and welcoming Yorkshire congregation and enjoyed quality time with Andy and Andrea after the service - great to be with pastors and church alike.

Monday, February 15, 2016

All Nations Church, Wolverhampton

I reserve most of my weekend appointments for Elim churches but there are some exceptions and one of those was when visiting the AoG church in Wolverhampton.  I first met its senior leader Steve Uphall, pictured here with his wife Esther, about twelve years ago at a Council meeting of the Evangelical Alliance.  I spoke at all three consecutive morning services and had the pleasure of viewing the construction of a 1000 seater auditorium that is in the process of construction.  On the previous evening Marilyn and I met with the core leaders over a curry at Steve and Esther's home. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Liverpool (Kensington)

 Paul and Lynne Dunne have been in Liverpool (Kensington) for twelve years and have been committed to serving the church and the community beyond it.

It was good to be at a church with such a sense of 'family'.

As so often is the case when I visit a church, we are able to spend some time together after the service has finished, usually over lunch, and chat  about the blessings and challenges that come with pastoring a church in the inner city.

Always a joy to be with two such great people and to be with their congregation.

Monday, February 01, 2016


 Mike and Shelagh Robins have been in Newquay for almost twenty-five years and during that time have seen spectacular growth that has seen the purchase and development of several campuses and the formation of new congregations.  The latest of these is in the nearby town of Redruth that, although being planted only a short time ago,it has 80-90 in regular attendance.

I was speaking at the NCC home base - a former Methodist building on the main road through the town.  The worship team led the meeting well and it was great to sense the atmosphere of a congregation that had been taught over the years to anticipate God's blessing and be part of God's purpose

A highlight of the day had to be 86 year old Doug Knight (pictured) who informed me before the service began that when he was 19 years of age he attended the crusade led by my grandfather, John Woodhead, from which the Newquay church was birthed and gave his life to Christ.  He had attended the church ever since that day in 1948.  It was a amazing to meet this great man who was born- again six month before I was born and was still faithfully serving God.