Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 27

Yesterday Marilyn and I attended the River Camp near Evesham - something that had originally been initiated by David Campbell and his team and now has around 1000 in attendance apart from day visitors. It is one of several similarly-sized Elim camps around the country that are held throughout the summer. As a Movement we are indebted to those who run and staff conferences of this nature. They are a powerful source of blessing and inspiration to the thousands of people who participate.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Have just returned from preaching In Phoenix Arizon at the Praise Chapel World Conference. Many will remember Donna Neville speaking at our 2005 Conference. She and her late husband Mike founded a Movement out of a single congregation that has a churches with a total membership of 8000 in the Los Angeles area alone with around 200 other churches across the United States and hundreds more planted overseas - an amazing acheivement in less than thirty years.

Jack Hayford was the other speaker. Though in his mid seventies, his ministry is as sharp and powerful as ever. It was an awesome time spent with some really great people.