Monday, August 29, 2011

River Camp


Rivercamp, held near Evesham and in its tenth year, attracted over two thousand people for the six day event. Its growth and success is is due to the excellent leadership of David Campbell and his team.

One of the highlights for me, apart from listening to my fellow speakers, was the final day when the children and youth workers reported on the spiritual impact that had been made across all age spectrums. Rivercamp is, without doubt, one of Elim's most significant summer camps.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ignite Camp

The Ignite camp was held in the beautiful Welsh countryside at Cefn Lea near Newtown.

It is held under the auspices of Elim's Northwest Region led by Regional leader Kevin Peat, pictured here with his wife Margaret. Tribute was paid to Steve Yates, pastor of Elim Bootle, for the work that he had done to see that this holiday conference ran smoothly.

Other speakers included Simon Foster, Paul Hallam and Kevin Peat.

I never fail to enjoy being with a group of people who are open to all that God has for them and who are authentic and transparent in the way that they express their Christian lives.

Funeral of Matthew Weaver

Matt Weaver was only 29 years of age when he was taken home to be with the Lord. Over 500 people packed the church service that celebrated his life and 1300 messages of condolence were received.

Matt leaves behind his wife Sarah and two small boys. He is the son of Phil and Helen Weaver, and brother to Nathan who are the leaders of Newsprings church - one of two Elim congregations in Loughborough.

Most funeral services are moving but this one was exceptional in the degree that it expressed joy and celebration on a man who was massively committed to God, his family and the local church. One of those who gave tribute commented on the fact that the way the family responded to events around the passing of Matt following a routine operation - was a powerful expression of the existence of God in the lives of those family and friends who loved him.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rev. Archie Biddle

It was a delight to spend a few hours recently with Archie Biddle who is now well into his 90's and has been a Elim minister for over fifty years. Though now in a residential care home, in his earlier years he pastored some of our key churches and served as Elim's President in the days when that annual office was in place. He was also a member of the National Leadership Team - then known as the Executive Council.

He was a great pastor and an excellent preacher - speaking on two occasions at Elim's Easter celebrations in London's Royal Albert Hall.

It was very evident that he is held in the highest regard in his Torquay home. The staff refer to him as the 'father of the house'.

I try whenever I am able to visit those who have served our Movement for so many years - not just for their sake but for my own - to remind myself that, were it not for their input and sacrifice, Elim would not be what it is today.