Friday, March 30, 2012

Elim, Burton on Trent

It is not unusual on my travels around Elim churches to encounter packed churches or multiple meetings on a Sunday morning.  What is unusual is to experience the same thing on a Sunday night

Robert and Julie Styles have been in Burton for twelve years and during that time have seen steady and consistent growth due, in my opinion, to the strong pastoral heart that both of them have, a fine eldership and a faithful congregation.

Apart from numerical growth, the church has been completely refurbished and additional space made possible via en enlarged ground floor and two balconies.  Regular readers of Direction may remember the item two years ago of the church opening a conference centre on the opposite side of the road.


Friday, March 09, 2012

Father's House, Lancaster

The reason for my visit to Father's House, Lancaster was to take part in their tenth anniversary celebrations.

The senior leader of the church is Clive Corfield, pictured here with his wife Karen.

Clive, who also has an international itinerant ministry, is a gifted leader and has  attracted a great group of leaders around him - several of whom are credentialed Elim ministers.

Father's House has recently acquired excellent new facilities in at the heart of the city and the church building was packed for the special services.

This is  Fellowship with a great heart and outward-focused vision.