Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Church of the Glorious Undead

This unusual church which meets on a Sunday in the basement of a London pub was started a number of years ago by Hazel Cartledge-Claus. It catered in those days for Punks, Goths and Metalheads. It was an outreach out of Kensington Temple.

Today it is caters for those who are part of muisc sub-cultures and is led by Michael Bryzak (second row fifth from left). Also present with some of his young people was Brandon Munoz (front row third from left) of Praise Chapel who runs an outreach in that area of Kentish Town. This was my second visit with these guys and I always enjoy my time with them.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Colchester - Xalt

Keith and Jacqi Ponsford have been in Colchester for the past eleven years. One of the highlights of the month is Xalt - a night of worship and teaching for young people from the surrounding churches. It was great to spend time with a group of people so open and responsive to the message.

The band, led by Keith and Jacqi's son, travelled all the way from Manchester for this event and made a great contribution to what turned out to be a great night. Keith and Jacqi are to be commended for the work that they have done in Colchester.

Monday, October 20, 2008


It was great to be with Stephen and Marie Potter over the weekend and to speak at the Oasis centre that is situated right in the heart of the city - in more ways than one. I say that because their ministry recognises not just that part that Elim plays in its witness and outreach but also the wider ministry of the churches in the area. After the morning service Marie Potter oversaw the preparation of a meal for the members of the church the proceeds of which went to Age Concern - one of the many social and care organisations to which oasis has an input. Stephen and his team rightly belive that church has to touch the lives of the community in an effective and relevant way if it is to be the salt and light that God intended it to be.


The idea for a new complex in Eastbourne first began in the mind of John Lancaster. The minister who followed him was Glyn Taylor who put a great deal of effort during his time into conceptualising and planning for the future development. But it was not until Keith Jackson became the pastor that things really took shape, During the opening ceremony, that was attended by Elims regional leader David Campbell, the Lord Mayor and a number of dignatories from the county council, tribute was made to the tenacity of Keith in seeing the concept right through to completion. Apart from the sanctuary area and offices the complex consists of several floors of apartments which are in the process of being sold. Adjacent to the stone that commemorated my opening of the buildind is a replica of the foundation stone of Elim building that was originally on the site and which was laid by George Jeffries the founder of the Elim Movement. I therefore took as my theme for the message the Four Square gospel that was the early tenets of Elim's message - Jesus as Saviour, Healer, Baptiser in the Holy Spirit and Coming King.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Kensington Temple - London City Church

Mention Kensington Temple, KT to most people, and it is immediately recognsied as one of the largest and most popular churches in the UK. While KT is a church within Elim, and its largest, it is also a Region. London City Church led by Senior Pastor Colin Dye has branches and associated churches throughout the Capital.

At regular intervals I receive an invitation to meet with all the pastors associated with KT and its Region. These men and women, representating thousands of Elim people throughout London, are strategic leaders and it is always great to spend time with them.