Thursday, February 11, 2010

True Vine -Luton

A few months ago I spoke at the opening of our church in Dunstable that had taken over the main night-club to create a 1000 seater worship facility.

On this occasion I was just a few miles down the road at one of Elim's three churches in Luton which had just taken over one of the main casinos in the area.

True Vine Fellowship was pioneered several years ago with a very small group of people. Under the leadership of senior pastor Vicky Gee (pictured here with her son Michael who is also on the team as an Elim minister) it has grown to the point that it was able to take over and refurbish this new complex. The church, which is on several floors, features the worship area, committee rooms, restaurant, children/youth areas - all finished to a very high standard.

Several local churches were represented at the opening ceremony which was also attended by the two Members of Parliament for the area. The full story of the development of this church is to be featured in a forthcoming edition of Direction.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Yeovil Elim

Howard Davenport, pictured here with his wife Emma and their children Ava and Boaz, is the senior minister of the Elim Church in Yeovil Somerset.

A packed church was evidence of the growth that this church has seen during the period in which he has been the pastor. He has built a strong leadership team around him and invested heavily in children and youth ministry - a reflection of his involvement with Elim's National youth department Serious4God

The congregation covered a wide age spectrum and the style of worship was such that anyone participating would have felt connected and involved - not an easy balance to achieve but managed well in this warm and welcoming church.