Monday, November 30, 2009

Keynsham Bristol

For the past three years I have done a trio of Bible Studies over a three-week period at the Keynsham church. Although on the outskirts of the city it attracts a good congregation and is a church that is well known and respected within the local community. It is always a pleasure to be with the leaders and the congregation on these occasions.

Friday, November 20, 2009

NW Region Retreat

More than eighty people attended the Regional Leadership Retreat led and sponsored by Kevin and Margaret Peat. The venue was the prestigeous Hilton hotel on Blackpool's promenade.

It was a privilege to be the speaker at this fabulous event and times like these always carry with them the added oportunity of spending time betweren the sessions with individual pastors over the two days that Marilyn and I were there.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rotherham Elim

John and Tracy Murfin have been in Rotherham for nine years which would certainly support that the theory that longer ministries produce greater growth. The church was full for the morning service in which John announced that the church would shortly be extending their curent fascilities. Following the morning service caterers prepared a four course lunch for thirty of the leaders prior to me speaking to the group that spanned the full age range within the church.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Angers (en jay), Loire valley, France

Angers, is one of the la
rgest Pentecostal churches in the Loire valley region of France with a congregation of around five hundred people. It is pastored by my good friend Danial L'Herroux, pictured here with his wife Dina.

I preached eight times in the five days of my time with this amazing church. This included three evangelistic meetings, a youth service, three celebration services and and a meeting with the Assemblies of God pastors in the area.

Daniel L'Herroux has created a remarkable DNA in this thriving and growing congregation and has built a fine team of leaders around him. As he is totally fluent in English he acted as interpreter during the time I was there. I considered these meetings to have been successful on a variety of levels - not least in witnessing those who make first time commitments to Christ.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Irish Leaders

Though much of my ministry is spent speaking at Elim churches a significant proportion is also engaged with speaking to groups of our leaders across the UK. On this occasion the venue was Hillsborough Northern Ireland - a church that has recently undergone a magnificent refurbishment in recent months.

Irish Superintendent, Pastor Eric McComb, who has ministered in that capacity for over thirty years said that the attendance for this meeting was among the largest in several years and it was great to be with the many of our leaders who are doing an amazing job across the country. Being half Irish myself it is always a joy to be with my colleagues in Ulster.

Tramway Christian Fellowship

It was good to be present at the Tramway Christian Fellowship in Edmonton, London. This multi-cultural church is comprised of several ethnic groups and is pastored by Iain and Amy Waddell who, until a few months ago had been ministering in their native country of Scotland - something that must have been a huge cultural leap for them. However, this all goes to show that worship, however it is expressed, does not find acceptance to God because of style or cultural context. It is accepted by God because it is offered 'in spirit and truth'.

ICM - London

The occasion of my visit to International Christian Ministries was to celebrate with them their 25th Anniversary held in the City Temple, Holburn Viaduct London. This great church was planted by Pastor Lily Florida, a remarkable lady, and she remains the senior leader who heads the church with congregations across the city and which is primarily attended by those who originate from the Philippines.

Hundreds of people were present to witness the production which, apart from my message, included music, drama, dance and mime. I cannot remember attending a more spectacular and moving act of worship performed via the visual arts in any church I have attended. It was evident that months of preparation had gone into the four hour service.

Tribute was paid to the pastors for the work and growth that taken place over the years but they were quick to acknowledge that what had transpired was the result of the faithfulness of God.