Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Clapham Christian Fellowship

Clapham Christian Fellowship is part of the London City Church network which is birthed out of Kensington Temple. Colin Dye, Senior Pastor of KT, had a vision to plant across the Capital a number of years ago and one of the many churches that emerged at that time was CCF. Roger Stedman has faithfully led this group since its inception and continues to head this witness in one of the most densely populated parts of london. There are a number of churches in the vicinity linked to Elim and it was good to be able to minister at CCF and meet the people who worship there.

Monday, December 08, 2008

London - Bethnal Green

It is always a joy to visit 'New Life Bible Church' - Elim's congregation in the heart of Bethnal Green pastored by Richard and Toyin Jama. There is a sense of infectious enthusiasm in this great church. The worship team is of the highest quality and the church, apart from being a source of blessing and encouragement to those who attend, is increasingly involved in the local community.

After the service it was a spcial pleasure to spend time with the Elders over a meal. A loyal and commited leadership is a prerequisite for a growing and expanding church. If that is the case then this fellowship in Bethnal Green has a great future.

Wirral Christian Centre

Very few ministers in our Movement have served as faithfully and as long in any one location as Paul and Evelyn Epton. It was 35 years ago that they first came to a small building in Birkenhead. They soon outgrew their first premises and moved to a former childrens hospital in 1973.

My visit on this occasion was to dedicate their new building - a former congregational church that had laid a ruin for over twenty years but now has been fully and sympathetically restored into a beautiful 500 seater sanctuary on the opposite side of the road from their curent location. The church was full to capacity for this special event at which the local MP, Frank Field, officially opened the church. Other special guests included the Regional Leader for the area, Kevin Peat and the local mayor.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


The Wells church is in the process of purchasing a landmark building in the centre of the city which will be used, not just to hold services, but to serve the community on a variety levels.

Stephen Fowler, pictured here with his wife Gill, invited me to spend an evening with his core leaders in a culmination of six weeks of teaching linked to the 'Stepping Up' programme.

Wells is a church that understands what it means to be an expression of the Kingdom of God in their area and are also expressing, through their ministry, the heart and pulse of our Movement's vision and values.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


My previous two visits to the Ballyfermot church in Dublin has been during the ministry of John and Trish Waller who had had a very succesful ministry there. The church is currently led by Dave and Sylvia Galvin who are taking the church from strength to strength. They are two fabulous people and I so much enjoyed being with the church for the morning and the evening services. The night format took the form of studio-style interview ably conducted by Sylvia (pictured with her husband Dave) who later took questions from the congregation. It was a creative and innovative way to enable me to share what I had to say - and particularly to respond to the excellent and intuitive questions that were put to me.

Malvern NLT

The normal venue for our NLT meetings is Nantwich but on this occasion we spent the three days at the Abbey Hotel in Malvern so that we could visit the site of the new International offices that are under construction and, so far, right on target. For one of the NLT it was a first visit to the site and for most the first opportunity to inspect the progress of the renovation which is due to be finished in around six months time.

Loxton Retreat

My visit to speak at the retreat for the combined Regions (Wales and Southwest and Southern Region) came after one of the busiest priods in my role as GS. I had travelled around four thousand miles within the UK in the previous month and had spoken eight times in the previous nine days. However it was a joy to be there for the final two sessions and it was clear that they had had a great time of ministry prior to my arrival. The National Leadership Team request each of the Regional leaders to provide a venue (at least once every two years) when I can share the essence of my personal vision for the Movement. This was such an occasion. The venue was ideal and had been arranged and sponsored by Geoff and Carole Feasey. Geoff, apart from being a member of the NLT is the Regional leader for the area and has a very strong pastoral heart for the leaders and the churches that he covers.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

St. Albans

I have known Phil and Elaine Johnston for a very long time. When I was Regional Leader for Scotland Phil was pastoring in Glasgow - the church where their son Carl now serves as assistant minister. Several years later when I moved to my current role he was the pastor in Cheltenham - the place that Marilyn and I considered our home church - it was a joy to sit under his ministry on the occasions when I was not preaching elsewhere.

It was a therefore a pleasure to be with Phil and Elaine in St Albans - the fellowship that he curently leads. The design of the St Alban's building, with it's cafe areas gives te church a sense of warmth and felowship. The service was very ably lead by Joel Pridmore - one of Elim's finest worship leaders.

Robinswood Church - Inspire Conference

Robinswood Church is one of the fastest growing and, in my view, one of the most innovative churches in the country. Simon Jarvis, together with his wife Ali, have seen it develop from around 150 to almost 600 in just three years. Before accepting the pastorate Simon headed up the youth department for the Assemblies of God.

I was there as the speaker at the Inspire Conference which they held over three days. As I was not able to be with them for the Sunday they transfered the two Sunday meetings to Saturday without any loss of numerical support - that's creativity.

Robinswood is one of the longest established pentecostal churches in the country and was pastored for many years by Albert Garner who, though retired, attends the church and is thrilled with the accelerating growth.

To be able to acheive what has been done has required a quantum leap in culture change. That this has been done in such a small space of time is remarkable to say the least.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Newcastle Elim is a fabulous church - great worship, warm and welcoming people, and continuing numerical growth.

Simon and Julia Lawton, pictured here with their lovely daughter Amy, had only recently moved into the pastorate of the church but it felt as if they had been there a great deal longer. They clearly love the church and it was very evident that this was reciprocated by the congregation.

I have no doubt that there is a great future ahead for this exciting church.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Princes Risborough

There are some churches that, as soon as you enter the door, exude a 'buzz' of expectancy and warmth - Chiltern Christian Fellowship, Elim's congregation in Princes Risborough is such a place.

Geoff and Jane Blease have done a tremendous job since they first came several years ago and there is little wonder why so many people have recently joined the fellowship and made this church their spiritual home.

After the service Geoff and Jane afforded me the opportunity to meet the Elders and their wives over a meal. This team constitutes a group of high caliber leaders with the acumen to take this church to many times its current size.


There was much celebration at the official opening of the new complex in Wimbledon. The preparation and construction took over three years during which the Pastor, Marcus Bennet tenaciously worked with planners and builders to bring the building to completion - facility which now provides a much larger sanctuary area together with office and counselling rooms.

There were two services at which I had been invited to speak during the day. The first was the official opening that was attended by the local MP and Mayor and Elim's Regional leader for the area, David Campbell.. The second was an evening celebration service in which Marcus geneourously commended former minister Robert Styles, who was among several Elim pastors present, referring to him as his pastor and mentor and the person who had first expressed the need for new premises to be built.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Church of the Glorious Undead

This unusual church which meets on a Sunday in the basement of a London pub was started a number of years ago by Hazel Cartledge-Claus. It catered in those days for Punks, Goths and Metalheads. It was an outreach out of Kensington Temple.

Today it is caters for those who are part of muisc sub-cultures and is led by Michael Bryzak (second row fifth from left). Also present with some of his young people was Brandon Munoz (front row third from left) of Praise Chapel who runs an outreach in that area of Kentish Town. This was my second visit with these guys and I always enjoy my time with them.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Colchester - Xalt

Keith and Jacqi Ponsford have been in Colchester for the past eleven years. One of the highlights of the month is Xalt - a night of worship and teaching for young people from the surrounding churches. It was great to spend time with a group of people so open and responsive to the message.

The band, led by Keith and Jacqi's son, travelled all the way from Manchester for this event and made a great contribution to what turned out to be a great night. Keith and Jacqi are to be commended for the work that they have done in Colchester.

Monday, October 20, 2008


It was great to be with Stephen and Marie Potter over the weekend and to speak at the Oasis centre that is situated right in the heart of the city - in more ways than one. I say that because their ministry recognises not just that part that Elim plays in its witness and outreach but also the wider ministry of the churches in the area. After the morning service Marie Potter oversaw the preparation of a meal for the members of the church the proceeds of which went to Age Concern - one of the many social and care organisations to which oasis has an input. Stephen and his team rightly belive that church has to touch the lives of the community in an effective and relevant way if it is to be the salt and light that God intended it to be.


The idea for a new complex in Eastbourne first began in the mind of John Lancaster. The minister who followed him was Glyn Taylor who put a great deal of effort during his time into conceptualising and planning for the future development. But it was not until Keith Jackson became the pastor that things really took shape, During the opening ceremony, that was attended by Elims regional leader David Campbell, the Lord Mayor and a number of dignatories from the county council, tribute was made to the tenacity of Keith in seeing the concept right through to completion. Apart from the sanctuary area and offices the complex consists of several floors of apartments which are in the process of being sold. Adjacent to the stone that commemorated my opening of the buildind is a replica of the foundation stone of Elim building that was originally on the site and which was laid by George Jeffries the founder of the Elim Movement. I therefore took as my theme for the message the Four Square gospel that was the early tenets of Elim's message - Jesus as Saviour, Healer, Baptiser in the Holy Spirit and Coming King.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Kensington Temple - London City Church

Mention Kensington Temple, KT to most people, and it is immediately recognsied as one of the largest and most popular churches in the UK. While KT is a church within Elim, and its largest, it is also a Region. London City Church led by Senior Pastor Colin Dye has branches and associated churches throughout the Capital.

At regular intervals I receive an invitation to meet with all the pastors associated with KT and its Region. These men and women, representating thousands of Elim people throughout London, are strategic leaders and it is always great to spend time with them.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thonon - France

When Luc Favre commenced the church in Thonon he did so with just a handful of people. Today the church has grown significantly and much work has been done on the building in which they worship.

Marilyn and I ministered at four meetings over the weekend that we were there. Particular tribute must be paid to Luc's wife Rachel who has sacrificed greatly to see this vision come to pass given that she has been the primary income-source into the home during these formative years. I also had the opportunity to spend time with Michel Rimbert who pastors the church in Ambilly.

93 Years Young

On my travels I sometimes take the opportunity to visit the elder-statesmen of Elim who have given very man years to our Movement. Recently I spent some time with Ron Jones subsequent to some treatment he had completed for skin cancer. He had just moved to a new residential home that has been recently built in the south of Bristol. Always the pastor, among the first things that he did was to arrange Sunday services at the complex. Two Sunday's per month are designated 'specials' where visiting speakers and musicians are featured. Astonishingly, he has already attracted around a third of the residents to these meetings. An incredible feat at any time of life but especially at the age of 93!

Evangelical Alliance

The Council meeting of the Evangelical Alliance - better known as EA - represents the 1.25 million Evangelical Christians in the UK. The two-day council meeting held at High Leigh was particularly memorable as it marked the end of twelve years of EA's Director, Rev. Joel Edwards' leadership of the organisation. An evening meal in London celebrated the excellent work that he had done during his period of office. It was attended by council members, friends and family of Joel and the High Commissioner of Jamaica - His Excellency, The Honourable Burchell Whiteman.

Youth for Christ

It has been my privilege to serve for several years on the Council of Reference for British Youth for Christ - an organisation very ably led by Roy Crowne. The Council comprises of around a dozen people and is chaired by the Archchbishop of York, Dr, John Sentamu. Many hundreds of YFC young people are making a vital impact in schools and churches around the country.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Accra - Ghana

I can think of few greater honours I have had, in the nine years since I was elected as general Superintendent, than to be invited to be the main speaker at the farewell celebration of my good friend Dr. Michael Ntumy - Chairman of the Church of Pentecost - which was attended by around 9500 people.

Having completed ten years in office – the maximum permitted under their constitution – Dr Ntumy steps down after a spectacularly successful tenure. Those who attended would be aware that when their Chairman came to office the world membership of COP was a little over 803,000. Ten years later it numbers 1,695,412. The number of churches have grown from 7,109 to 17,418. Several of the highest ranking officials in Government and the Military are members of the Church of Pentecost and the Vice President of Ghana, His Excellency Alhaji Aliu Mahama, was present for the four hour service. He paid warm and glowing tribute to his friend as did several other dignitaries who were present.

Last year the President of Ghana awarded Dr. Ntumy ‘The Order of the Volta’ – the highest honour that can be given to a civilian.

Michael Ntumy was trained at Elim’s Theological College in Nantwich as was his successor as Chairman Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah

A major influence on both their lives was Lionel Currie who, with his wife Ruth was also present for the celebrations. Lionel, an Elim minister for forty years and now senior pastor of Bridge Street Church in Leeds, spent nine years in Ghana and was Principal of their college at which most of the senior figures in the Church of Pentecost received training. Understandably Lionel and Ruth are not only greatly respected by the Denomination but greatly loved.

There is no Denomination that is closer to the Elim Pentecostal Churches than the Church of Pentecost. Each year delegates are sent to our respective conferences with full voting rights.

Dr. Michael Ntumy paid the warmst tribute to his wife Martha who has been a major influence upon the women of COP. Their five sons and daughter were present for the celebration service. The Ntumy’s will now move to Germany where they will oversee the work of the church there.

On a personal level I am delighted that Dr. Ntumy will be closer to us here in Europe and I look forward to strengthening my already close links with the new Chairman, Apostle Opoku Onyinah

There are not many churches that I can say I have visited for the first time but this was the first occasion that I had spoken at Asbourne. This eighty year old Elim church is situation in a beautiful Derbyshire town with a population of just seven thousand people. Alex and Susan Prail have pastored the church for the past eleven years and it was good to be able to meet all the leaders and their spouses over lunch. Ashbourne is a warm and friendly family church.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Irish Bible Week

Around 1300 people were on site for the first weekend of the Irish Bible Week at which I was the speaker on the opening Saturday night and the following Sunday morning and evening. The numbers included those in the main tent and two other smaller venues for the Youth and Children's events. The theme 'Taking your place' was then taken up by the other speakers for the week, Dr RT Kendall and Jeff Lucas. Ruth-ann Cannings spoke at the women's venue.

The lion's share of the organisation for the Bible Week is done by the Hillsborough Elim Church though only around 50% of those who attend are from Elim churches. The minister of the Elim church, Jimmy Ritchie and the minister of a local independant Pentecostal church in Moira are the principle visionaries and it is their team that carry the rsponsibility to ensure that eveything 'comes together'. This was the third time I had been a speaker at the Irish Bible Week and it is very evident that it is growing from strength to strength.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Barnet Christian Fellowship

There were several reasons why I was particularly looking forward to being at Barnet Christian Fellowship - a church that is led by Pastor Diane Druce (far left) and Doreen (third from left front row)

My ministry involves a great deal of travelling at home and abroad. Ten intercessors from this church pray through my itinerary daily throughout the year. They have provided prayer support for most of the eight years I have been General Superintendent and and I am greatly indebetted to them. It was a joy to meet with them as a group and I was honoured to have my photo taken with them during my visit to the Barnet church.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Paul and Greta Hudson have been in Dewsbury for the past twelve years and for eight of those years have been negotiating for a Methodist church building. My visit to the church which was booked two years ago coincided with Paul's announcement to congregation that the building deal had now been completed.

The service was followed by a fine Sunday lunch after which I was invited to speak to the sixteen leaders of the church including the assistant pastor Nicola Le Goupillot. One of the many highlights of the day for me to was to witness the great rapport and friendship between the leaders - always a sign of a church with a great future.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Accountability Group

It is well known that for some time I have been part of an accountability group that also includes Lyndon Bowring, Jeff Lucas and David Coffey. As the Focus on the Family center was in Colorado we stayed with Jeff and Kay who were amazing hosts. This picture shows a day off at Bear river in the Rocky mountains.

Focus on the family

It is said that Dr James Dobson is one of the two most influential Christians in the United States. Focus on the Family is one of the most well known TV programs and in the country and the teen website alone gets a million hits a week. James Dobson is a close friend of President George Bush and has been a confidant of past Presidents.

I was in Colorado to spend time at the Focus on the Family HQ and on one of the evenings was able to relax and enjoy a meal with James and Sylvia Dobson, Jim and Jean Daley (who will be heading Focus on the Family in the future) and my friends (more of this later) Lyndon Bowring, David Coffey and Jeff Lucas. In the same hotel where we were we eating was Barak Obama a current presidential contender.

MIT Conference

A highlight each year is the three-day conference for 'ministers in training' held at Regents Theological College that is co-hosted by Nigel Tween and myself. There was a good attendance and great atmosphere. It is evident that we have many fine leaders emerging in the Elim Movement. Other speakers, apart from Nigel and myself, were Colin Dye, Geoff Feasey, Simon Jarvis, Chris Jones, Kant Misra, Marion Myers, Kevin Peat, and Sallie Wilson.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Scottish Regional Day

Given that around fourteen years of my ministry had been spent In Scotland, as a pastor and as a Regional Superintendent, it was clearly a special pleasure to return for a leader's day. The venue was 'The People's Church" in Falkirk and, with typical Scottish hospitality the Pastor, David Morrison, made the day special. Kevin and Margaret Peat cover Scotland and the North-West Region and have given the best of leadership to this important part of Elim in the UK.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dunamis - Ealing, London

Charles and Teresa Hammond have led this excellent church since its earliest days. I always enjoy my time at Dunamis - not just because of the leadership and the people but because of the incredibly high level of musicianship of the worship band several of which work professionally. One of the drummers had recently flew in from Moscow have been playing with an internationally known secular artists and others were away in Los Angeles in a recording session. Worship, as we all know, is more than gifted musicians. Its about the ability to connect with God. This church does not fall short on either count.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Midlands leaders day

It hardly seems like two years since I last spoke at the Midlands leaders day at the Nettle Hill Conference Centre. Involvement in events of this nature is about the most fulfilling aspect of my role and being with the leaders in this Region, most of whom are known to me personally, is no exception.

Gordon Neale is not only the Regional Leader for these 50+ churches but also a good friend. There was a very high proportion of the Region present for, what I considered to be, an enjoyable and productive time together.

Norwich Elim Church

It was great to attend, and speak at, the 50th anniversary of the Elim church in Norwich. My first vist there was as a student in 1969 when I was asked to pastor the church for three weeks in the summer of that year while the minister was on holiday.

Today the congregation is ably led by Gerry and Linda Turner and I sensed a great deal expectation for the days that lie ahead.

Elim Conference & Bible Week

The Bible Week is always a highlight of the year and a great opportunity to meet with the hundreds of delegates who attend together with around 2500 guests at Pontins in Prestatyn. The ministry of Tommy Barnett and Sy Rogers from the States was greatly appreciated as were all those who contributed to a fabulous week together.

On a personal note I was overwhelmed by the margin by which the Conference affirmed my position as General Superintendent for a third term. I was well aware no previous holder of the office had been invited to continue beyond eight years and I was humbled by the 87% vote that was received. As I said at the time, I will do all that I can to serve the Movement in the light of the trust that they have placed in me and solicit their prayers for myself, and for Marilyn, in the days that lie ahead.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Zion - Halesowen

The leaders NET that I referred to in the previous posting was held in Zion, in Halesowen. In the evening the local church came together for the launch of the next chapter in the life of the congregation - a multi million pound building program.

Leon Evans, pictured here with his wife Alison, brought a powerful presentation in word and media that honoured those in the past who been instrumental in the growth of the church. Then, with computer generated 3D modeling, a packed church witnessed the outline plans for the future.

The rest of the evening was devoted to a period of worship and culminated in the message that I brought.

There was a unanimous sense of excitement about the way ahead. I believe that Leon and the team that serves with him is poised to take this great church into a very fruitful future.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Leaders Net - Midlands

Around eighty leaders from a variety of Denominations in the Midlands area meet on a regular basis for fellowship and teaching. On the this occasion the meeting was hosted in Halesowen. I was delighted to accept the invitation to speak at both the two morning sessions.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Greenock - Scotland

There are two fine Elim churches in the town of Greenock which is situated in the west of Scotland beside the river Clyde. On this occasion I was speaking in the original Kelly Street church

Fraser Donaldson, pictured here with his wife Susan, grew up in the Salvation army prior to attending the Greenock Elim church as a member and later progressed to the role of assistant minister. A few months ago, when Iain Waddell moved to London, Fraser was appointed as senior pastor.

I have preached in Greenock several times over the past twenty years and it was great to see, not only longstanding members, but several who have recently joined the church. There is a great atmosphere in the Fellowship and an expectancy that the best days of this church are yet to come. It is evident that Fraser and Susan are the right people in the right place at the right time.

Erskine - Scotland

The church in Erskine was founded ten years ago from the Paisley church which, at that time, was pastored by the late John Seeman. I was present to speak at the Anniversary service.

Derek Chittick, pictured here with his wife Anne, was inducted into the pastorate two years into the life of the new Fellowship and under his leadership the church has grown in strength and depth. Derek was a Church of Scotland minister prior to becoming an Elim Pastor and is a highly respected leader in the area. All of Derek and Anne's five children are involved in ministry in one form or another and one of their sons, Gavin, is on the ministry team of the Elim church in Fraserburgh.

The excellent evening of celebration was led by Erskine's first class Praise band and warm tribute was paid to Derek and Anne's pastoral care.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Coatbridge - Scotland

I have known David and Linda Bell for over twenty years since going to Scotland as regional leader and David, who was then head of an RE department, became the Youth Director for Scotland. At that time their children were very small. Today Audrey, Louise and Shirley all play in the Praise band together with their brother Stephen.

David took on a redundant church building and commenced a congregation from scratch. Saturday morning was spent with his leaders, Saturday night was a Celebration service open to churches in the area and Sunday morning was an opportunity to be with the Coatbridge Elim congregation.

Elim Conference Italy

The Elim Conference in Italy was hosted by Elim's President Giuseppe Piccolo (pictured here with his wife Antonietta) in Palermo, Sicily. This was the third occasion I had spoken at the Conference in recent years and it has become one of my favorite parts of Europe to minister in - not just because of the beauty of the landscape but because of the warmth of the people.

I spoke to the leaders and wives on five occasions during the time I was there and Marilyn spoke to to the women's meeting - a meeting that has such an impact it over-ran the time schedule as there were so many who requested personal ministry subsequently.

Phillip Niblett, who has ministered extensively throughout Italy in recent years, was present for the Conference and spoke with great effect at the Youth service.

On each of my visits my interpreter has been Luciana who is pictured here with me and her husband Giovani-baptiste. Apart from being police inspectors (Luciana is a chief inspector) they also joint pastor an Elim church in the north of Italy.

During the Conference there was a visit from a member of the Italian Government, the newly elected member of Parliament, Alessandro Pagano. He spoke eloquently and extensively about his Christian commitment and the need for a well articulated Christian voice and presence in the life of the country. I have heard many politicians speak during our services and he was by far the most impressive. My message during that service addressed the issue of integrity in church and State and we heard later that the text of it was to be added to his personal web site.

There is very much to be encouraged about in Elim Italy. They have fine leaders with a great hunger for God's best for their lives. I have just received an invitation to the the principle speaker at their Conference next year and am very much looking forward to being with them again.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

West Street Baptist Church

"West Street Baptist" in Crewe has for several years been affiliated to Elim hence my visit to them. In the many years that their pastor, Geoff Willetts has been with them he has seen the church grow from a handful of people to the four hundred that attend their three Sunday services. I spoke at the two morning services. Geoff will retire in the next few years and the challenge will be to secure leadership that can continue to growth the church both in breadth and depth.


I have a very high regard for the work and ministry of United Christian Broadcasters based at Stoke on Trent. Its ministry is a great asset to the Church in the UK and it is led by a Board and Trustees that are of the highest caliber. My day with them was spent recording a series of fifty short messages to be broadcast over the next few weeks during their regular programming.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Salisbury - Oldest members

Whenever I visit long-established churches it is always a privilege to meet those who were founder members of the initial congregations.  Norman and Dorothea Coles have attended since the earliest days of the Salisbury Elim church and are still actively involved and rarely miss a meeting.  Norman is in his 97th year.  Elim owes a great debt  to such faithful people. 


The Salisbury Elim Church is pastored by Phil (pictured) and Sally Thompsett and Gordon and Jaquie Malcolm.  Prior to the morning service Phil took me on a tour of the adjacent building which had only been a shell on the last occasion I was there but now housed a coffee bar, youth lounge, sports hall and a number of offices from which community projects are launched throughout the week.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Holy Trinity - Weston

Its always a pleasure to visit our churches and spend time with our leaders and congregations. On this weekend however I was with one of my closest friends Claude Ellerington, who with his wife Sue, is pictured here. Both Claude's sons, Richard and Steve, are Elim ministers and part of the ministry team. Weston is a creative and innovative church.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Colin and Laura Shreenan pastor one of Elim's smallest churches but through tenacity and commitment are beginning to see a breakthrough. Committed to the people and with the the belief that this fellowship can break out of its history they are faithfully planting for God in this small Scottish town. I enjoyed being with them and their church over my weekend with them.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

UCB Partners Day

United Christian Broadcasters based in Hanchurch, Stoke on Trent is an organisation for which I have the highest regard. It was a privilege to minister to the senior staff, partners and supporters. There are several groups within the UK that are deserving of the financial and prayer support of local churches and UCB is most certainly one of them.

Liverpool leaders

I always appreciate the opportunity to speak to leaders across the Denominations. The Liverpool venue was Grace Family Church and the group to which I had been invited covered Pentecostal, Baptist, Anglican, Rhema and independent churches.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Mervyn and Edna Tilley have been in Leyton  over twenty years and have seen the church develop to become one of our key churches in the London area.  Like so many of our Elim churches it has a heart for the community and missions as well as concentrating on its own needs as a Fellowship.  Though retired as a member of the NLT and as a Regional leader, Mervyn has lost none of his energy for the local church.  It was a joy to be with a group of people that is so open to God's word and with such a desire for spiritual growth.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Metropolitan West Regional Day

There can be no Region in our Movement where travel is more difficult than the two metropolitan Regions covered by Regional Leader David Campbell.  Yet despite this each time I have spoken at a Regional day in one of these two areas the attendance levels have been among the highest in our Movement.  This  says a great deal about the leaders who attend and certainly is a reflection of the  leadership of David and his team.  The Saturday meeting held in St. Albans was attended by around three hundred from the Met West region.  A highlight for me was the worship time led by two of our Movement's top worship leaders.  Sam (Ealing Christian centre) and Joel (St Albans) flowed together perfectly.  It was a privilege to be part of this great day.

Sycamore Chapel

Marilyn and I live in a small Cotswold village.  Our close neighbours are Geoff and Liz Brown who, apart from owing a local farm, have been an incredible witness in the area for a long time. Geoff is an elder at the church his father founded and which recently became networked to Elim via ECI. I have  been conducting a series of mid-week meetings there on the subject "21st Century Church"

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Fraserburgh is Elim's most northern church in the UK situated in the north-east of Scotland.  Neil and Pauline Passmore lead a great team and there is  a fabulous atmosphere in this growing church.

Though there are only 12,000 people in this picturesque fishing town no less than a thousand people pass through the doors every week via the church services, luncheon club, and children's ministry that is lead by David and Elizabeth Ritchie and which attracts over 200 children per week.

The latest incursion into the community is a top-of -the-range gym  that is open five days a week. There are no facilities to equal it for many miles around and it is just the latest expression of a church that has chosen to live without walls and embrace the environment in which it is situated.   I arrived on the Saturday and visited the back-to-back events for children and young people before having a meal with the pastors.  Sunday morning I was able to be with the main church and Sunday night saw the church packed for a baptismal service.

Monday, February 18, 2008


The Elim Church in Blackburn is in one of the most prominant positions in the town - adjacent to the main shopping area. Buts its not just location that has been the reason for its growth. A great team led by Bob Clarke for the past eleven years has brought the church to the place it is in today. The morning service was packed to capacity.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ealing Christian Centre

My reason for being in Ealing was to speak that their training centre which is lead by Chris Ragg. After three hours with the students, senior pastors Richard and Rajindark Buxton (pictured) took me on a tour of the new extension to the building that has cost three quarters of a million pounds. The suites of offices and rooms make the facilities among the best of any church in London. However already they are looking for further expansion as the growing 1400 Sunday congregation needs increased space for the ministries run by the church on every day of the week.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Peter and Julia Clothier came to Wrenthorpe just over two years ago. It is a long-established church and its style is perhaps a little more traditional than the average Elim church. I enjoyed my day with this warm and friendly congregation. This church will flourish in direct proportion to its ability to transition and change to become even more relevant to the culture in which it is placed. I look forward to visiting the church in the future and witnessing for myself the strides that it has taken towards an anticipated growth.

The Gathering

Around one thousand five hundred young people attended the 2008 Gathering from around the country.  A full report is in Direction magazine.  Tribute must again be given to the Mark Pugh and the Serious4God team whose months of planning went into make the weekend such a huge success.  I was there to take two seminars - one for the 18+ group and and the other for the 200 youth leaders who were present.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mountain Ash

The past four years have been very difficult for the Mountain Ash church. At one point Glesni Cunningham (the pastor) and her husband Micha were simultaneously undergoing chemotherapy. Glesni recovered fully but in January of this year Micha passed away. The story is told in the March edition of Direction under the title of "How to say goodbye"

My visit to Mountain Ash was the first since the funeral and also the first time when Glesni participated fully in the meeting. It was a great service and I cannot pay a too high a tribute to Glesni for the courage and fortutude that she and her teenage daughter Leona have shown during this trying time. It also must be a great source of strength to them to be surrounded by such a caring church family.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Castle Douglas

Ronnie and Irene did not commence their ministry in Elim. They worked for the late Bob Gordon's ministry prior to planting a church in the beautiful Scottish town of Castle Douglas.

I had the opportunity of meeting seventeen of his leaders/spouses over a fine meal prior to an evening of teaching and interaction.

Ronnie and Irene have worked sacrificially to bring this Elim church to the place it is in today with its own building in the centre of town. This, together with the acumen of the men and women that I met, gives me every confidence for the future of this great church.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Church of God, Kilsyth

It has been eight years since I was the minister of the Church of God, in Kilsyth Scotland and this was my first visit back. For the past two years Sandy McMeekin has been the senior pastor and it was good to spend time with him and his wife Elizabeth as well as renewing friendship with many good folk that I had not seen for some time.

Saturday morning consisted of a meeting with the wider leadership of the church and Saturday night was a joint celebration with a number of churches in the area. Sunday morning and evening was an opportunity to minister to the local congregation

New Chancellor for RTC

It was a delight to be present for the installation of my close friend, Lyndon Bowring as the first Chancellor of Regent's Theological College. The service was convened by Elim's Director of Training, Nigel Tween.

Two letters of commendation were read at the packed service. The first was from Dr. R.T. Kendall and the second from Rev. David Coffey OBE the current leader of the world Baptist Alliance. Lyndon, who is the Chairman of Care and an Elim minsiter for over thirty years, is one of the most influential Evangelicals in the UK. I have no doubt that his inauguration to this role will bring much added value to the life and ministry of the College.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Grace Gospel Church - India

Many will remember a recent report in Direction magazine about the first Elim Conference in India that was hosted by the 5000 strong Grace Gospel Church pastored by Dr Arthur Paul (pictured) and his four sons.

This week the church was attacked by an anti-Christian mob of many hundreds of people. One of the pastors, Samson Paul, was attacked for preaching the Gospel. Not only did the police not intervene but even refused to register the incident. Their only involvement was to arrest two women for giving out Christian literature and now face a three year prison sentence.

I had been invited to pray at the inauguration of the churches new Internet ministry that now streams their services live world wide via www.samsonpaul.com I was able to address the church via phone while linking visually via computer. This has been a critical week for the church and they very much need our continual prayers. One of my cousins. Herbert Glass from Northern Ireland flew into Bangalore to minister at the church a few days later. Paul Hallam (Manchester and Elim IMD coordinator for India) and Mike Robins (Elim Newquay) have close and supportive links with this great church