Sunday, October 20, 2013

Harrow International Christian Centre

Michael Carr (pictured here with his wife Pat) is senior minister of HICC - a church he pioneered twenty years ago and now has a regular congregation of 400 people in its two Sunday morning services

Michael was one  of Elim's first Regional Leaders.  He is an exceptional Bible teacher  and  a man of great wisdom and insight.

HICC is a great church to minister to and it was a pleasure to be with them  for  the day.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Malaga, Spain

It was two years  since my previous visit to 'Elim Family Fellowship" in Malaga and it was good to see the evident growth and development inperiod since I was last there

During my 36 hours in Spain I spoke to a leaders meeting on Saturday afternoon and at the church service on Sunday morning.

Howard and Susan Coley (pictured right) have been serving the church there for over twenty years and, apart from establishing the church, are involved in producing programs for Revelation TV.  Both are ordained Elim ministers as is their son-in-law David Hodgson (pictured left with his wife Naomi and their daughter Melissa).  David has a far-reaching radio ministry in Spain.  As so often is the case, I particularly enjoyed my time with our leaders there outside the busy schedule of my itinerary and remain grateful for the calibre of leaders in our Movement who serve the Lord sacrificially in order to establish church in their locality.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Plymouth Christian Centre

Every seat in the newly refurbished church was filled for the celebratory celebration service that marked the completion of the second phase in an extensive and expensive project

PCC  has one of the most high profile locations of any Elim church building  in a city and the remodelling of the exterior had been completed at the end of phase one.

Senior minister, Geoff Lee (pictured here with his wife Jenny) led the service which was attended by the mayor of Plymouth and a number of former ministers including David Beresford, John Smyth and Maldwyn Jones

It was a joy to be invited to preach at the service, not just in my role as General Superintendent, but because my grandfather had been the minister of this church over seventy years ago. 

The leadership and membership have done a tremendous job in the development of this significant church.  All gave thanks to God at the close of the service as one of the members of parliament for the area, Gary Streeter MP, closed the meeting in prayer.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Loughborough Elim

Elim Loughborough have marked another stage in their growth and development by celebrating the opening of their new church building.  Regional leader Gordon Neale expressed appreciation on behalf of the National Leadership team for the work that Paul and Annette Stevens, their team and the congregation had put in to bring the vision to pass.  The £1.6 million development that houses a facility on several floors is a perfect blending of 'old church building with stained glass windows' with a modern and contemporary church complex.  It was a pleasure to be present at the occasion and preach at the service.

60 years in ministry

It was a delight for Marilyn and I to attend the special celebration that had been arranged in Bude to celebrate John and Mary Smyth's 60 years in the Elim ministry. 

John Smyth has been one of the most influential figures in our Movements history.  He has served  with distinction in many of the highest offices in the Denomination including Administrator, Financial Director, Field Superintendent and Bible College Principal.  He has also pastored some of our largest churches.

John is not only known for his administrative skills and business acumen but for his teaching ministry and perhaps most of all for his pastors heart.  Several letters of appreciation were read from those who were unable to attend - all of which served to emphasise the regard with which this great couple enjoy within our Movement.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Midlands Regional Conference

Hosted in the Coventry Church and convened by the Regional leader Gordon Neale. The theme of the for the day conference was 'Between the Bow and the Target' -  a subject designed to examine the strategy of moving from an initial vision through to completion and examining why some 'arrows' become stuck in flight.  This theme will hosted in every Region throughout the Movement over the next twelve months.  All Regional leaders were present for the presentation and the speakers on this occasion were David Campbell, Chris Cartwright and myself.