Sunday, June 22, 2008

Scottish Regional Day

Given that around fourteen years of my ministry had been spent In Scotland, as a pastor and as a Regional Superintendent, it was clearly a special pleasure to return for a leader's day. The venue was 'The People's Church" in Falkirk and, with typical Scottish hospitality the Pastor, David Morrison, made the day special. Kevin and Margaret Peat cover Scotland and the North-West Region and have given the best of leadership to this important part of Elim in the UK.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dunamis - Ealing, London

Charles and Teresa Hammond have led this excellent church since its earliest days. I always enjoy my time at Dunamis - not just because of the leadership and the people but because of the incredibly high level of musicianship of the worship band several of which work professionally. One of the drummers had recently flew in from Moscow have been playing with an internationally known secular artists and others were away in Los Angeles in a recording session. Worship, as we all know, is more than gifted musicians. Its about the ability to connect with God. This church does not fall short on either count.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Midlands leaders day

It hardly seems like two years since I last spoke at the Midlands leaders day at the Nettle Hill Conference Centre. Involvement in events of this nature is about the most fulfilling aspect of my role and being with the leaders in this Region, most of whom are known to me personally, is no exception.

Gordon Neale is not only the Regional Leader for these 50+ churches but also a good friend. There was a very high proportion of the Region present for, what I considered to be, an enjoyable and productive time together.

Norwich Elim Church

It was great to attend, and speak at, the 50th anniversary of the Elim church in Norwich. My first vist there was as a student in 1969 when I was asked to pastor the church for three weeks in the summer of that year while the minister was on holiday.

Today the congregation is ably led by Gerry and Linda Turner and I sensed a great deal expectation for the days that lie ahead.

Elim Conference & Bible Week

The Bible Week is always a highlight of the year and a great opportunity to meet with the hundreds of delegates who attend together with around 2500 guests at Pontins in Prestatyn. The ministry of Tommy Barnett and Sy Rogers from the States was greatly appreciated as were all those who contributed to a fabulous week together.

On a personal note I was overwhelmed by the margin by which the Conference affirmed my position as General Superintendent for a third term. I was well aware no previous holder of the office had been invited to continue beyond eight years and I was humbled by the 87% vote that was received. As I said at the time, I will do all that I can to serve the Movement in the light of the trust that they have placed in me and solicit their prayers for myself, and for Marilyn, in the days that lie ahead.