Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Senior Elim leader reaches 90

What a pleasure for Regional leader Gordon Neale and I to visit veteran Elim minister and former General Superintendent Pastor Tom Walker on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

Tom Walker, pictured here with one of his daughters Kath Cooper, will soon have attained a massive 70 years in the Elim ministry.

Although physically not as mobile as he once was his intellect is as sharp as a pin and Gordon Neale (pictured right) and I enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon with him as he reminisced about times gone by as well as showing an acute interest in what is happening in the Movement today.  He committed his life and energy to Elim during the years  he was a pastor, Executive Council member (NLT), Field Superintendent and General Superintendent.  As we approach our centenary celebration his name will be numbered among our most significant leaders and someone who, under God, was used by him to bring immeasurable blessing and guidance to very many people.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Riverside Church, Bewdley

Just loved being at Riverside Elim in Bewdley.  Its one of those churches where there is a buzz long before the meeting begins and there has to be reasons why such a great  church triples its congregation in just two years.

I have known Carl Johnston (pictured) since he was  born and have watched him develop as a leader since he first worked as assistant pastor in Glasgow prior to becoming the senior minister in Bewdley.

I was in my very early twenties when I pastored my first church in Llantrisant, Wales and in those days a number of my leaders were just as young.  Now, like me they are in their sixties and one of them, Steve Thompkins, is the father of Danielle who is married to Carl.  Apart from her work within Riverside Danielle is the Aspire coordinator for the Midlands Region.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Motherwell, Scotland

Regular readers if this page will know how much Marilyn and I enjoy visiting our churches in Scotland - a country in which we spent fifteen years of our ministry.  So it was a particular pleasure to be in Elim, Motherwell pastored by John Murfin(pictured here with his wife Tracey and his two lovely daughters Bethany and Laura)

Marilyn spoke twice at a Women's Day on the Saturday and I spent time with the wider leadership group in the evening as well as ministering to the whole church on the Sunday morning.  It was great to witness a church in such good health and carrying such a sense of expectancy for the future.