Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Elim Tamil Church

It was good to be with Daniel Stanley (pictured here with his wife Sunitha and their children Joshua and Rachel) on the occasion of the second anniversary of the church in Manor Park, London.

Daniel initially planted a church in Liverpool, where they currently live, but travels to London in order to establish the congregation in Manor Park.

The building was full for the anniversary at which I had been invited to speak.  The worship was entirely in the Tamil language and one of the highlights of the anniversary was the contribution that the children made to the service.

Daniel was a banker in India before moving with Sunitha to the UK.  The growth of the church is due to their tenacious hard work and sacrificial service.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

AoG Conference

During my tenure as General Superintendent my closest friends have included the leaders of our sister fellowship the Assemblies of God.  Some people are unsure as to what the difference is between our two groups.  Doctrinally we believe identically-  it is simply that we are organised differently.  Both John Partington, pictured, and I have always held an ambition that our two Movements could work in an ever closer partnership. It was a great pleasure to be present at their recent leaders conference in Peterborough.

Friday, May 08, 2015


Those unfamiliar with North Wales would probably not be aware how far Aberystwyth is from any other major town.  Despite that, the church has had a strong witness in the area for many years though perhaps never to the degree  of blessing it is enjoying currently.

Joel Pridmore (pictured) senior minister and founder member of Elim Sound has made a significant impact during the time that he has been there and, given the situation of his church office overlooking the harbour has one of the best views of any church in the Movement.  If your church is a contender for that pole position, why not let us know.