Saturday, July 25, 2015

Gateway Church launceston

John and Sally Berriman after running a successful business commenced a church in St. Ives which they then brought in to our Movement.  From there they moved to Launceston where they they planted a church five years ago which met in the local town hall.

It was a joy to be present at the dedication of their new new premises (pictured) named the Gateway Church as this small town of just 8000 population is called the Gateway to Devon and Cornwall.

To secure a facility of this nature after such a short time is phenomenal and the many rooms within it are being utilised for the benefit of the community.  Not content to rest on their laurels, they have now branched out into the town of Bodmin.  What a tremendous example these fine leaders are.

One Church

One Church, has a number of expressions in towns around the immediate area.  Simon Jarvis who was the senior leader of One Church Gloucester has now passed  that responsibility on to his brother Jon and, though his family is still based in Gloucester, he gives oversight to the wider network  of churches.

I was the speaker on the occasion that they brought the core leaders of the various expressions together for the first time.


 It was a pleasure to spend the weekend in Northern Ireland with Mike and Roberta Holohan and the Elim church in Newry.  This was  to be the first of two visits to the Province in a week.

Newly suffered greatly in the Troubles but this congregation refuses to label and categorise people and that is perhaps one of the reasons it is achieving such a high level of success.

Looking at the fine building with its worship centre, lounge and offices it is hard to believe that the church is just five years old.

It also has a great heart for the community and, adjacent to the church is a warehouse that houses the food bank that is a resources to everyone who may be in need - irrespective of their church background or even if they have not yet come to faith.  Thank you Newry for all that you are doing to to extend the Kingdom of God in your area and also for your very warm welcome.

Thursday, July 02, 2015


The Barnsley Elim building may be small but it was still full for the service at which I preached.  The church has developed well under the ministry of Albert and Florentine Bootha-King (pictured here with their daughter Altine and son Jesse).

One of the highlights of the service was music ministry by a newly formed girl group which makes it clear that the size of church can make little difference to the quality of ministry that can emanate from it.