Wednesday, February 20, 2013


There are two Elim Churches in Greenock, and my visit on this occasion was to the one in Kelly Street which is pastored by Fraser Donaldson - pictured here with his wife Susan.

The Saturday evening was an informal cafe-style format under the title 'Meet the GS' in which I was able to share the vision and values of our Movement in an interview

I was with the whole church on the Sunday morning and, before going to the airport in the evening, I met with all those in the church in a 20 - 30 year age group, in the local Costa coffee (they had designated a special area for us) at which we discussed church and contemporary culture.  My visit was one of the best possible uses of the 24 hours in a land I have grown to love over the years - Scotland.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Teen Challenge UK

Teen Challenge has been a phenomenal resource for over a generation for those who have been damaged by the use of addictive substances.

The current Director, Jay Fallon, is an ordained Elim minister and this was my first opportunity to view the brand new facilities at a site between Leicester and Nottingham.

The first thing that that you become aware of when entering is the commitment to excellence at every level.  These two photos show the reception area and the dining room but the bedrooms conference room, library, media centre, chapel and gymnasium reflect the same story.  Jay and Fiona Fallon are two very special people who have built a first class team around them.  The highlight of the day however was not the facilities but the opportunity to spend time with those whose lives had been transformed by the power of the Gospel - people who have transitioned from  heroin to health both physically and spiritually.

Saturday, February 02, 2013


My visit to Gloucester Elim church coincided with just the third Sunday that Paul Meiklejohn had been the pastor at the church but it was clear that he and his wife Debbie had already caught a vision for the city and were feeling very much 'at home' in their new location.

I have known Paul for many years and am familar with his ministry.  I have no doubt that the pastoral gifting that has been a hallmark of his ministry thus far will be utilised to its fullest extent as he commences this next phase in his ministry. he and Debbie are a great team.


One of the greatest developments in our Movement in the past few years has been the way that Elim's youth organisation, Serious4God has developed under the leadership of Mark Pugh and the incredible  team he has built around him.

The Elim International Centre is an ideal location for any conference and that was the venue for a youth leaders Conference at which I spoke at one of the sessions.

No one who attended could fail to sense the amazing dynamic in the room - an understandable vibe when so many creative young leaders are in the same place at the same time.