Friday, April 15, 2011

Together for the Harvest

Together for the Harvest is a network of Christians leaders from a whole spectrum of Denominations in the wider Liverpool area - though members come from much further afield.

TFH is chaired by John and Marie Manwell and this was my second invitation to speak at this great event. Networking with those from other Movements and Streams is something that I always enjoy, but I was also especially glad to have the opportunity to be with the many of our own Elim leaders who attended.

United Christian Broadcasters

In my view UCB is one of the most important Christian organisations in the UK today. From time to time leaders around the country are invited to an event that is filmed in their TV studios. It was my privilege to be the speaker on this occasion and I thoroughly enjoyed being with them.

On the following morning I was invited to lead a session with members of the UCB Board and their Heads of Department. UCB now have a free iphone app on which you can get access to their various radio channels.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Crawley Elim Chuch

Phil and Elaine Johnston have been friends of ours for very many years and so it was a particularly good to be at their church in Crawley.

Though my appointment was arranged eighteen months earlier, it coincided with the 40th anniversary of he church and, during the morning, images that spanned those four decades were displayed.

Some years ago, the initial building was too small to house the growing congregation and so the church moved into a school. In a few months time the church will move into a larger church building vacated by another Denomination.

As I travel around week by week I sometimes ask myself if, had I not been a pastor, would I want to be part of the church that I visiting if I lived in the locality. In most places it is a resounding 'yes' and in Crawley's case it would certainly be so. Excellent leaders - both pastorally and in Eldership, great worship group and good people. An excellent church with a fine future.


There are now 650 million people in the world who would describe themselves as Pentecostal or Charismatics.

A couple of years ago a decision was made to form cabinets in every Continent of the world that would comprise of both Pentecostals and Charismatics. These cabinets would relate to the world Cabinet that is co-chaired by Jack Hayford and Billy Wilson

I had been invited to be a part of the eleven member cabinet for Europe whichheld their inaugural meeting in Germany. The initial agenda included enhancing fellowship between Pentecostals and Charismatics, accelerating the growth and influence of the Pentecostal/Charismatic churches and affirming the emergence of the next generation of young leaders.

Enable - Men's Conference

There is nothing quite like 650 men worshipping, laughing and learning together!

The venue was Birmingham Christian Centre and the event was the third Conference initiated by Regional leader Gordon Neale and incredibly well organised by Robin Baker, Duncan Clark and Iain Hesketh. Apart from myself the speakers were David Ritchie, Simon Jarvis and Dave Smith

Although most people came from the Midlands Region there were groups of men from as far north as Fraserburgh Scotland who had travelled eight hours to get there and those from the south of England.

Bude, Cornwall

What an amazing weekend at Bude Christian Fellowship. When Roger and Janice Rowland (pictured here with Heidi, one of their three daughters) came to Bude eight years ago they commenced with a small number of committed people. Today there is a large vibrant fellowship whose greatest hallmark is of serving their community with the whole spectrum of the Gospel that affects body soul and Spirit.

Someone once said, when comparing the disciples who were arguing about who was the greatest and the following action of Jesus in washing the feet of his disciples, that people are usually more willing to fight over thrones than towels - not so in Bude. The whole leadership models servanthood and it is consequently part of the DNA of the entire church.

The purpose of me being there on the Saturday was to open their "New Life Centre" together with the member of parliament for the area who is also a committed Christian. The building houses a cafe area, counselling suites, accommodation and shower area for the homeless, a food bank and special accommodation for couples on the brink of divorce who needed a neutral space to address their issues. This short report is inadequate to cover the scope of the ministry and a larger article will appear Direction in due course.

On Sunday morning Marilyn and I were with the local congregation that serves this beautiful coastal resort. On team is 'retired' minister John Smyth who with his wife Mary served the Movement for 45 years in many senior roles. As one might expect they are are huge asset to the church and are fully supportive of the vision that Roger and Janice have for the future.