Thursday, May 31, 2007


The church in Eastbourne, pastored by Keith and Barbie Jackson (right), currently worship in a school. This is not because they do not have a building of their own but due to the fact that their current site is under development. The three million pound project will be completed in around twelve months time. In the two years that they have been there they have seen the relatively small congregation grow and the average age decrease. Among those who worship in Eastbourne are the families of some of Elim's pioneers. One former Elim minister, now in his 89th year is Bill Plowright (left). He is not only known for being one of our finest pastors but also an accomplished soloist in the formative years of our Movement.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Portadown - Ireland

Portadown has long been one of Elim's finest churches. Edwin Michael (pictured here with his wife Margaret, daughter Laura and son Ryan) leads a great ministry team. Around 600 people were present for the morning service. It is a church bursting at the seams. A major feature on Portadown will appear in a forthcoming issue of Direction. On Saturday, shortly after flying in, I visited the Y Zone drop-in centre in the town. It is not unusual for a church to cater for young people who are vulnerable to drugs and other addictive lifestyles. What is immediately striking about this outreach is that there are no threadbare carpets or old setees. Everything is of the highest quality - top multi media, IT, internet access, big screen Xbox gaming etc. The lounge area with is sumptuous leather sofas would not look out of place in a corporate HQ. By showing respect and value to the young peopole who attend they, in turn, treat the facilities with respect. The members of Portadown Elim have invested heavily in reaching their community in a spirit of excellence.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Keynsham - Bristol

Though my Sundays remain booked until 2009, midweek services are still possible in 2007. I have enjoyed therefore being at Keynsham to take a series of the three Thursday Bible Studies. It was good to be with my good friend Des Morton and this excellent church.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Palmers Green -London

I enjoyed an excellent time with Bediako and Caroline Bosque-Hamilton who lead the church in Palmers Green. This creative and innovative church, which is part of the KT network, was packed for the morning service which was conducted cafe style. The service began with a short time of worship which was followed by a meal after which I was invited to preach. It was a delight to spend time with this warm and welcoming congregation. The congregation presented me with a very generous financial contribution to Elim's relief work in Mozambique.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Crawley Leaders Day

It was great to spend Saturday morning with around 40 key leaders from three churches and which began with a breakfast in a local Hotel. Elim Crawley- led by James Glass, Mid Sussex Christian Centre - led by Christy Smith and Aldershot Elim- led by Mike Keeping joined together for a time of teaching. Few things are more enjoyable than being with men and women of this calibre who are open to be their very best for God and sharpen the gifts they already possess

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kilsyth Community Church

My last pastorate, before taking on the role of GS, was at the Church of God Kilsyth. During that period I had considered inviting Mark Fleming to be my associate pastor. However it occurred that at that time Kilsyth Community Church was looking for a pastor and, as I knew that Mark had a great track reacord of growing a successful church, I suggested to their leadership that he might be the man for them. Subsequent to the interview he became their pastor and in the years the followed now leads a great church with an excellent future.

It was a delight to spend time with his leaders on the Saturday and preach at both services on Sunday. His wife Aileen, herself an accomplished speaker, have become great friends and I have a high regard for them both..