Thursday, May 31, 2007


The church in Eastbourne, pastored by Keith and Barbie Jackson (right), currently worship in a school. This is not because they do not have a building of their own but due to the fact that their current site is under development. The three million pound project will be completed in around twelve months time. In the two years that they have been there they have seen the relatively small congregation grow and the average age decrease. Among those who worship in Eastbourne are the families of some of Elim's pioneers. One former Elim minister, now in his 89th year is Bill Plowright (left). He is not only known for being one of our finest pastors but also an accomplished soloist in the formative years of our Movement.


Robert said...

Pastor John, I found your blog, I'll visit often as I truly appreciate your ministry

Robert Jimenez

John Glass said...

Great to hear from you my good friend. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry

johnj_evans said...

It is good to see a photo of Bill Plowright on your blog. He was pastor at Camberwell in my formative years and my father's best friend for well over 40 years.

John Glass said...

John...good to hear from you

Bill is remarkable for his age and he is a great was your father of course