Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Birmingham Christian Centre

Around seven hundred people packed the morning service at BCC. Senior Pastor Barry Killick was in Israel but the service was ably led by Shiela Hendley, Peter Pennant and Jonny Lee. This great Elim congregation is right in the heart of the Britain's "second city" in more ways than one and has huge potential to reach their community with the gospel. It has seen incredible growth over recent years and is poised for a great future.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kensington Temple Region

Tonight was spent with the Leaders of the Kensington Temple Region. There was an excellent number of pastors and cell leaders of churches birthed through the vision of KT and covered by Colin Dye the senior minister

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Great Day in Wembley

It was two years since I was last in Wembley with Pastor Soke-mun Ho who, apart from being one of our finest women ministers, also happens to be our Dentist. I was immediately aware of the growth of the church since my last visit. This is a church with big dreams and I have no doubt that God will reward their faith and give them the desires of their heart. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 23, 2006

Metropolitan Regional day at St.Albans

Around two hundred Elim Leaders from the Metropolitan West Region led by one of Elim's national leaders, David Campell (see recent posting for picture). This was one of the highest turnouts in any Regional day I have spoken at during the past six years. It was great to have so many key leaders in one place. Worship was ably ed by Joel Pridmore.

New building at Yate

It was great to speak at the opening celebrations of the magnificent new church premises at Yate. Senior pastor, Paul James, has done an excellent job over the years he has been there to lead the Fellowship to the point that this goal could have been reached. The work has been completed to the highest standard and gives the local congregation greatly increased worship, relaxation and administration areas.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Farewell to a good friend

Today we said goodbye to Apostle Nene Amegatcher who has served the work of ELICOP (Elim Church of Pentecost) in the UK so well in the past six years. He, and his wonderful wife Dorothy, leave to take up a new post in Ghana. When he came Elicop had 1000 people in 14 churches. As he leaves the church has over 6000 people in 79 churches. The growth rate in the past year has been 55%

He has become a close friend and will be greatly missed.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Creative Leadership Conference

Donna Neville was the principle speaker at the Creative leadership Conference hosted by Maldwyn Jones, senior pastor of the Selly Oak Elim church. Other speakers were Chris Cartwright of Cardiff City Temple and myself

Donna Neville is the co-founder of the Praise Chaepl network of churches in the States that now has hundreds of churches aroujnd the world. The minitry she brougght to the Conference was exceptional
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Monday, October 09, 2006

More wedding photos

The happy grooom!
Sophie and Amy - the two daughters of David and Mandy
David and Mandy Campbell. David is one of Elim's National leaders and has responsibility for the two Metropolitan Regions Posted by Picasa

Carl and Danielle's wedding

250 family and friends packed the church in Llantrisant to celebrate Carl and Dianielle's wedding at which Marilyn and I were guests. Carl (son of Pastor Phil and Elaine Johnston of St Albans) has recently become the youth Pastor at Glasgow Elim church. Thirty four years ago I officiated at the wedding of Danielle's parents (Steve and Trish Tompkins) - so it was an added joy to be present. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 02, 2006

Three days in Italy

My trip to Italy was eventful on a number of levels. An hour into the outward journey the pilot informed us that we would have to return to the UK as smoke was coming from the cockpit. On landing, firefighters in breathing apparatus came on board. There was no panic and no one was hurt in the incident. Five hours later we were able to recommence the journey on another aircraft

Happlily the incident did not prevent me from preaching at the Milan Elim church that night (Friday). The church is pastored by Giuseppe Piccolo (pictured with his wife Antoinetta) who is President of Elim Italy. During his years in office Elim in Italy has grown to well over eighty churches. Saturday was spent with the Italian Elim leaders. The following day I spoke in the Como Elim church and then at the main Sunday service back in Milan. It was great to be with Giuseppe and Antoinetta in their home and to witness first hand the great things that are taking place in Elim Italy.
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