Monday, June 28, 2010


Harrow International Christian Centre has a prime four storey location in the centre of the town and is pastored by Michael and Pat Carr. Michael, was formerly an associate minister at Kensignton Temple and Regional leader within Elim. The church and gallery were packed for the Sunday service which attracts a congregation comprised of forty nations.

United Christian Broadcasters

UCB are at the cutting edge of Christian Broadcasting and in the UK and, in my view, are one of the most significant and effective organisations in our country.

It was my privilege to take part in a Celebration and Dedication service to commemorate the answer to a 23 year prayer - the granting of a national broadcasting license - now in DAB

People travelled from as far as New Zealand and the USA and the speaker at the event was Bob Gas, author of 'Word for Today'. Chris Bowater led the worship.


The Barnet church commenced with a Nurses Christian fellowship that was encouraged to commence a congregation by Wynne Lewis who was then the senior pastor of Kensington Temple. Subsequent significant input was given by Colin Dye the current senior pastor of KT.

The church has been led during that period by Diane Druce and Doreen Skelton - two amazing women. It was my privilege to speak at the 25th Anniversary weekend.

There are a number of reasons why I appreciate the leaders and congregation at Barnet. One of them is that they cover me in prayer as I travel around the country. At the beginning of every year I provide them with my diary and, over the past ten years, several of the congregation have committed to pray daily for Marilyn and myself.