Monday, September 21, 2015


Fifteen years ago Mike and Heather Dyce, then based in St.Albans, pioneered a church in Hatfield.

Today both of them are ordained Elim ministers and the church which has steadily grown over the years attracts a wide age range and cultural base with many nationalities represented.

After a number of challenges and initial setbacks they were able to secure the town centre building that they are now in which, apart from a worship area has large office areas and facilities from which they operate their several community outreaches.

They are the second largest facility in the town (after Asda)

Mike remains bi-vocational and this church is an  example of what can be achieved by sacrificial and tenacious leadership.  It was great to be with them for the day.

Elim Centenary Birmingham

During the next few months I have the privilege of speaking at venues all over the UK as our Movement celebrates its centenary.

The first of these was in the iconic Birmingham Town Hall which was packed to the rafters with Elim people from the Midlands.  Many people who wanted to purchase tickets were unable to do so such was the demand to be part of this very special day.

Many thanks to Gordon Neale, Stuart Blount and a team of great leaders who put the day together and to Leon Evans and Abby Eaton who led the worship.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Elim, Glasgow

I am often asked what relation James Glass is to me and the precise answer is 'first cousin one removed' and my time at the church coincided with James and Beryl's wedding anniversary - the happy occasion at which I had the pleasure of officiating at 22 year ago.

My visit, part from ministry on the Sunday morning, was to speak at a  lunch for around thirty of the core leaders on the Saturday.

Kevin Peat, the Regional Leader for Scotland, tells me that the Glasgow church is currently the strongest it has been in its long history and this was corroborating by the ;largest Sunday service I have preached at on the many occasions I have visited the Glasgow church over the years.

James is a member of Elim's National Leadership Team.

Elim Chinese Church, London

 Without doubt one of the highlights of my year was attending the double celebration of Elim's Chinese church in London

The meal, followed by a excellent presentation in music, dance and drama marked their 27th year as a church and our Movement's centenary celebration.

 In a future edition of Direction we will feature a story of the this great church with a selection of photo's highlighting its journey.

Aaron and Anna Chan, who are both ordained Elim ministers, have been instrumental in building the church network while remaining for much of the time bi-vocational and the photo below features the core leaders of the church.

One of the most significant thing that one  notices, apart from the vibrant worship and dedication of the people, is the broad spread of ages with a large proportion consisting of those in their Twenties.

An unforgettable day.

Norwich, TLC

 There has been an Elim church in Norwich for many years but now Norwich (TLC) - Today's Lifestyle Church is now Elim's newest church.  An already established church of around eighty people in an excellent facility has applied to join our Movement.

Dominic and Catherine De Souza have moved from the 400 strong Elim church in Letchworth to lead the current congregation and already plans are underway to build a significant church complex in the heart of the city.

I preached at this significant and pivotal service and David Campbell, the Regional Leader for the area, presided over the induction.