Sunday, January 06, 2008

Grace Gospel Church - India

Many will remember a recent report in Direction magazine about the first Elim Conference in India that was hosted by the 5000 strong Grace Gospel Church pastored by Dr Arthur Paul (pictured) and his four sons.

This week the church was attacked by an anti-Christian mob of many hundreds of people. One of the pastors, Samson Paul, was attacked for preaching the Gospel. Not only did the police not intervene but even refused to register the incident. Their only involvement was to arrest two women for giving out Christian literature and now face a three year prison sentence.

I had been invited to pray at the inauguration of the churches new Internet ministry that now streams their services live world wide via I was able to address the church via phone while linking visually via computer. This has been a critical week for the church and they very much need our continual prayers. One of my cousins. Herbert Glass from Northern Ireland flew into Bangalore to minister at the church a few days later. Paul Hallam (Manchester and Elim IMD coordinator for India) and Mike Robins (Elim Newquay) have close and supportive links with this great church

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We are standing with you in prayer for GGC!


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