Friday, November 13, 2009

Angers (en jay), Loire valley, France

Angers, is one of the la
rgest Pentecostal churches in the Loire valley region of France with a congregation of around five hundred people. It is pastored by my good friend Danial L'Herroux, pictured here with his wife Dina.

I preached eight times in the five days of my time with this amazing church. This included three evangelistic meetings, a youth service, three celebration services and and a meeting with the Assemblies of God pastors in the area.

Daniel L'Herroux has created a remarkable DNA in this thriving and growing congregation and has built a fine team of leaders around him. As he is totally fluent in English he acted as interpreter during the time I was there. I considered these meetings to have been successful on a variety of levels - not least in witnessing those who make first time commitments to Christ.

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James said...

Hi John

This is really exciting news. We were in the Loire Valley on holiday several years ago and visited Angers. It is a really impressive city. I can remember thinking that it was a city crying out for a pentecostal church. So pleased that there is a pentecostal witness there and that it is thriving. James