Friday, November 06, 2009

ICM - London

The occasion of my visit to International Christian Ministries was to celebrate with them their 25th Anniversary held in the City Temple, Holburn Viaduct London. This great church was planted by Pastor Lily Florida, a remarkable lady, and she remains the senior leader who heads the church with congregations across the city and which is primarily attended by those who originate from the Philippines.

Hundreds of people were present to witness the production which, apart from my message, included music, drama, dance and mime. I cannot remember attending a more spectacular and moving act of worship performed via the visual arts in any church I have attended. It was evident that months of preparation had gone into the four hour service.

Tribute was paid to the pastors for the work and growth that taken place over the years but they were quick to acknowledge that what had transpired was the result of the faithfulness of God.

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