Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Church of Pentecost

The Church of Pentecost was founded in 1937 in Ghana by Rev. James McKeown from Ireland. Sixty years later, because of its close links with Elim, churches formed in the UK for the immigrant Ghanaian community eventually became known as ELICOP churches (Elim Church of Pentecost) and in 1996 they had a thousand members in the UK.

Eleven years later in 2007 the then Chairman of Church of Pentecost in Ghana, Rev. Dr. Michael Ntumy and I signed a deed and accord that made COP the closest Denomination in fellowship with Elim. Under Ntumy's leadership COP had become the largest Denomination in Ghana with a membership of 1.4 million members worldwide.

In the UK all ELICOP property was held within Elim's Charity. However it was mutually felt that because of their continual expansion it was right that they should apply for charitable status in their own right. This momentous milestone was celebrated by a service in their thousand seater auditorium in Dagenham, London. I was was the speaker and also in attendance representing Elim were Lionel and Ruth Currie, John and Trish Waller and Regional Leader for the area, David Campbell. The service was led by Apostle S.K. Baidoo from Ghana and Apostle M.S. Appiah resident missionary to the UK.

In the past thirteen years COP in the UK has grown from a members ship of 1000 to 8,500 and the ties bectween COP and Elim have never been stronger.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

INFUSE Bible Week

In excess of eight thousand people are involved in Elim Bibles weeks throughout the summer months in the UK. INFUSE held in Burnham-on-Sea is one such family Bible week that is lead by Gordon Neale (Regional leader for Midlands and North East) and his excellent team.

This year the number of (teens-twenties) who run parallel meetings on the site outnumbered all the other age groups combined. It was pleasure to be involved in such a superb and well organised camp and, having spoken there at one of the evening celebrations we returned on the first day of our holiday to enjoy ministry from the other speakers who were taking part.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Harrow International Christian Centre

It was a delight to minister at HICC, a church founded by Michael and Pat Carr twelve years ago and now ocuupying a prime local in the centre of Harrow, London and reaching up to 500 people each week.

Prior to founding the chiurch, Michael had been on the pastoral staff of Kensington Temple and subsequently became a Regional Superintendent.

Although well past the statutory age for retirement Michael gives leadership to a multi-racial church that covers the whole spectrum of age ranges. It is a place where diversity works well - something that adds to its attraction.

Friday, August 07, 2009


Elim has ever-developing links with 'United Christian Broadcasters'. UCB was founded in Europe by Ian Mackie and latterly David L'Herroux has taken an increasingly high profile in the leadership within the UK.

Formerly, Elim and UCB have worked together on the new 'Elim Edition' of Word for Today and within the context of radio. However UCB TV is one of its most exciting developments and now has a fabulous young and creative team that is making its dream a reality. It is headed by Australian born Neil Elliot (pictured far left).

Recently I spent two days at their studios in Stoke recording a one hour program for "Hearts wide open" and was interviewed by Gary Hoogvliet a man who has vast experience in the industry and is a consummate professional. The rest of my time there was spent recording one hundred one-minute messages that will be broadcast in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.