Monday, January 23, 2012


There are two Elim churches in the High Wycombe area and Paul Turner (pictured here with his wife Yvonne and daughter Becky) pastors the church in the Micklefield.

There are very few churches in our Movement that I have never visited previously but this was my first time in Micklefield.

Although Paul and Yvonne have only been at the church for just over a year it is evident that they are very much 'at home' and feel part of this growing congregation. 

It is a church that is clearly open to the things of the Spirit and this warm and welcoming group of people has great potential for further expansion.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Romsey Christian Centre

Due to the number of churches in our Movement it is usually several years before I am able to make a return visit.  In the case of Romsey however, the last time I ministered there was 43 years ago when a student in Bible College aged 20.

David Walker (pictured here with his wife Jackie) is the current pastor of the church and it was very evident that, not only are they highly regarded by the congregation, but that they too have a heart for the people under their care - and also for the town in which they are ministering.

It was good, while I was there, to see the church in action and to learn of the vision and plans that they have for the years that lie ahead.

Princes Risborough

Although the church in Princes Risborough, Chilterns Christian Fellowship, has been in existence for several years it only under the ministry of Geoff and Jane Blease (pictured) that it has been able to secure its own premises.

I had the privilege of preaching at the opening the first-class complex that includes a sanctuary area, offices and several meeting rooms.  It has taken many months of negotiation with those in the locality to bring the dream into reality and the fact that this has now occurred is a great tribute to the leadership and tenacity of Geoff and the team around him.

There were two services during the day.  The first was the formal opening attended by the local MP, councillors and members of the business community.  The second was a Praise Party.  At both services were the members of the church who had been instrumental to bringing the church to this point, former ministers including the church's first pastor Ian Gardner and the Regional leader for the area David Campbell


Over the past few years there has been remarkable growth and development within our churches in the Cornwall area.

Numbered among these is the Elim is the Elim Church in Camborne, pastored by David and Liz Smyth (pictured).

It is some years since I was at the church and it very evident that Dave and Liz, together with the leaders around them, have brought a new freshness and vitality to the church.

The previous minister had successfully inaugurated a number of ways in which the church could interface with the community  - expressing care and commitment to those within society who were the most vulnerable.  This has not only be continued but enhanced by Dave and Liz and the church building exists as a vibrant hub for a number of midweek activities.  Yet another example of how very evident pastoral gifts are not just confined to the local congregation but exist as a benefit to the wider community.