Monday, April 30, 2012

Ealing Christian Centre

My previous visit to Ealing Christian Centre had witnessed a church packed from floor to ceiling (ECC has a huge gallery).  Since then however this great church has moved to two Sunday services - 9am and 11:15am.  I preached on both occasions and the combined congregations would have been in excess of a thousand people.  

As soon as the second service concluded two more services would take place.  One in Polish and the other in Japanese.  Yet a further service would take place for the whole church in the evening.

One of the significant hallmarks of ECC is its emphasis on praying for Revival and, if ever there was a church in the UK that has 'earned the right to speak' on such a subject, it is this Elim church.  Richard and Rajinder Buxton (pictured) lead a great pastoral team and Richard is shortly to launch a book on revival which I believe should be recommended reading for every church in the country.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Alloa, Scotland

The church in Alloa has throughout its history been one of the smaller churches within Elim.  Subsequent to my recent visit, I feel that that could be about to change.  I have spoken at the church on a number of occasions over the years - mostly when I was the Regional leader for Scotland.  On this visit, I sensed immediately an attitude of expectancy and was aware of a clear culture-shift that often heralds a new season - apart from being essential to growth.

Paul and Isla Martin (pictured) came to Alloa to pastor the church from their native Glasgow two years ago and, working together with the people in their congregation, are injecting fresh vision into this small picturesque town.

Things like this never occur without some sacrifice and I came away impressed with two young people who are committed to serve God faithfully in their locality.