Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bethany Community Church, Cheadle

Tony Lacy (pictured here with his wife Jennifer) retired from the Elim church in Chorley (see previous post) but, far from scaling down their ministry, continued to act as a consultant to other churches in the locality.

When Bethany Community Church applied to affiliate with our Movement the Regional Leader Kevin Peat saw Tony as the obvious choice to give initial leadership to this fine congregation which meets in the excellent church complex pictured below.

I greatly enjoyed my time with one of the newest churches in our Elim Network.

Living Waters, Chorley

I always enjoy my visits to Living Waters. One of the highlights in the past was to speak at at Saturday meeting which was the farewell of the founding minister Tony Lacy (see next posting) which was then followed by the Sunday service at which one of Tony's sons John (pictured here with his wife Michelle) was inducted as the pastor.

In the period that has followed the congregation has more than doubled and has outgrown in premises in the centre of the town.

Saturday night took the form a teaching meeting for the leaders of the church.  Around fifty were present including nine leaders from other churches.

Sunday morning was the meeting of the full church family.  It was a great atmosphere and the Living Waters Praise Band is one of the best in our Movement.  The Elim church in Chorley I believe has an exceptional future ahead of it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It has been three years since my last visit to Dowlais and I was immediately struck by two things.   The first was the increased size of the congregation.  The second was the refurbishment of the building. Wayne Carpenter, pictured here with his wife Carol, has always been a person committed to excellence.

The theme that the church has set for the weekend was "Intimacy with God". The Saturday service was attended by other Elim churches in the area and both Sunday morning and Sunday evening meetings were memorable occasions.

Saturday, September 01, 2012


United Christian Broadcasters are a powerful and effective Christian ministry in the UK.  Operating out of state-of-the-art TV and radio studios they provide programming for their TV station and DAB radio station.  Those with an iphone or ipad should be sure to download the free UCB app.

Though UCB serves the whole church across the country, Elim has a strong relationship with this great organisation and it is UCB that broadcast our Bible Week on their TV station.

The reason for me being there on this occasion was to record thirty one-minute video shots each of which will be broadcast between programmes over the next few months.

Ignite Conference

Each year Kevin Peat, Regional Leader for Scotland and the North West,  hosts a conference for the North West Region at Cefn Lea holiday park in North Wales.  Aptly called 'Ignite"it serves to be a means of fellowship and inspiration to all those who attend.  Having spoken there in 2011 I had been invited again to speak at two of the sessions this year also.

There is always a great atmosphere at Ignite and the Elim Church in Chorley who led the worship are, in my opinion, one of the best Praise Bands in our Movement.

Persecuted church

It was over two years ago while at a Conference in South Africa that I was approached by an Iranian man in his early thirties who asked if I would travel to a country in the Middle East to give teaching and encouragement to young leaders who were undergoing persecution.
The concept at the time was that I would go to a relatively moderate Islamic country and that they would travel from the countries where persecution was more intense.
The arrangement was delayed for two reasons.  The so-called Arab Spring meant that the location needed to be changed but the second reason was far more serious.  On 26th December 2010 my contact was himself arrested along with 40 other Christians and detained in one of Iran’s worst prisons in Teheran.
Separated from his wife and young children he is currently serving six years for converting from Islam and encouraging others to follow Christ.
A new location selected, Chris Jones and I travelled to meet a group of around 50 leaders all who had undergone persecution – some under torture. Those who had suffered imprisonment had been forced to leave their country with nothing but what they stood up in.  As they were not given passports their status was that of a refugee.  There is a huge price to pay for following Jesus around the world and the opportunity to meet and minister to them was one of the most humbling and impacting times of my 44 years in ministry.