Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Elim Conference - India

Over eleven hundred church leaders were present for the first India Elim Conference. Paul Hallam Elim's coordinator for India has done a phenomenal job over the past few years in networking these churches together. The host church senior pastor Dr Arthur Paul was honored together with his wife and sons for the magnificent work that they had done behind the scenes. This 5000 strong church in Bangalore is a dynamic congregation. Elim's international missions director Chris Jones also spoke at the Conference attended by around twenty Elim leaders from the UK who are supporting missions in India. A fuller report will appear in Direction magazine.


Samson said...

Wow! what a joy to see those pictures and to read thru the report about First Elim International Conference. It is really an honour for us to organise this event in India. John Glass was the man in action delivering the unadultrated Word of the living God, challenging all age group with the message on Generational Blessing..

I was personally blessed hearing message about the floating AXE.

Some people said to me that the message from Chris Jones was Empowering and a challenge. Struat Blount gave an inspiring message too. It was great working with Paul in bring this conference out as a blessing to 100s of pastor around India.

Johnathan said...

PRAISE THE LORD. It was a memorable 3 days conference in my like, it was a blessing to me in attending this First Elim International conference in Bangalore, All the guest speaker has given us spiritual food what we were lacking in our ministry. The Word of God from these Men of God has motivated me and inspired me to do greater things for the kingdom of God.
The message and the testimony of Pastor Arthur Paul has really touched my heart and I strongly believe that God will take me also to grater heights.
And the message of Pastor John Glass has motivated me to put more effort and time for Gods Kingdom.
Thank you, Pastor Samson Paul for inviting me to this wonderful conference and you have given all comforts like accommodation, food, Transportation,…
Hope you will organize this ELIM Conference next year or soon,
God Bless you all,
Pastor Johnathan
Gunttor, AP

bangalurhuduga said...

This conference was excellent and i cant frame words about the conference. itzzz absolutely amazing. the way hallam and samson worked was fantastic. we praise god for raising leaders like them.
i represented with 28 pastors and we all felt more time had to be given to chris jones and john glass. the conference was short. when will it take place again... waiting for it.