Monday, September 14, 2009

Livingwaters - Chorley

Livingwaters in Chorley has a double-celebration over a recent weekend. The Saturday evening service was dedicated to honouring Tony and Jennifer Lacy who have pastored the church for the past 28 years and the Sunday saw the induction of their son, John Lacy (pictured here with his wife Michelle and their two sons) as the new senior pastor.

The church was full for the Saturday evening and many tributes were paid to Tony and Jennifer for their tremendous pastoral input as they transitioned a tiny group of people meeting in a home to a thriving congregation in a spacious and modern church complex. I was the speaker on this occasion and Regional Leader, Kevin Peat, added his own tribute before praying with Tony and Jennifer. As the service drew to a close the entire congregation was invited to a 'pig roast' in the church grounds.

On Sunday morning the the church was packed again. Tony and Jennifer have three fine sons each of which, together with their families, are fully involved in the local church. It was their, recently ordained, son John that I inducted into the senior pastorate of the church subsequent to Elim's National Leadership Team unanimously conveying that this stationing appointment was best way forward for this continually growing congregation.

John had attained the position of 'pastoral and curriculum coordinator'
at a local school in Chorley by the time he had reached the age of thirty and he was clearly delighted that the headmaster and the entire senior staff of the school had come to the church to witness his induction. All were clearly saddened that he would no longer with them but also acknowledged that there was a clear call upon his life. No one has any doubt that the best days for Livingwaters, Chorley, are yet to come.

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