Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Livingstone House

One of the highlights of recent months has to be my visit to Livingstone House in the heart of Birmingham.

Sally Livingstone (pictured here) was a victim of horrific abuse from her earliest years and later became an addict before committing her life to Christ at one of our Elim Churches.

Totally transformed, she discarded the victim mentality and, through a series of miracles which will be the subject of a major article in Direction, set up a centre to help others who have been subject to addictive life-styles.

Sally, and most of the guys in the centre, attend Elim churches in the area but most especially Kings Heath pastored by Colin Dyson who gives spiritual input into Livingston House on a weekly basis as well as being involved in a management capacity.

I cannot speak highly enough of the work that Sally is doing at great personal and sacrificial cost to her and her family. If any organisation is worthy of financial support from our churches, Livingstone House is.

The key people there are of course the men themselves and it was amazing to sit in on their meetings and listen to testimony after testimony of transformed lives told in the context of humility and the vulnerability that comes with honest encounter with struggle. I confess to being proud of these men and everything that they are achieving.

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