Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kensignton Temple Vision Conference

Pastor Colin Dye,senior minister of Kensington Temple and apostolic leader of the 'London City Church' network pastors Elm's largest congregation in the UK. One however cannot measure the church only with a numerical benchmark - though it is several thousand strong - as the church under his leadership has grown commensurately in depth through its comprehensive discipleship structure. Every year KT holds a vision conference, and I was delighted to accept the invitation to speak at the celebration servive at the conclusion of the conference. Colin Dye is not only a colleague, in that he serves with me as a senior member of Elim's National Leadership Team, but aalso a close personal friend. My visit to KT was another opportunity for me to witness first hand what is being accomplished in this significant spiritual centre in the capital of our country and to enjoy ministering to the tremendous people who are part of the KT network.

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