Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Rushey Green, London

Rev. Sam Larbie (pictured here his wife Sophia, Marilyn and I and Regional Leader David Campbell at the opening of their new facilities) was a major in the Ghanaian army before coming to the UK 28 years ago.

He commenced a church with just a handful of people and since then has never stopped planting and expanding.  I estimate that over a thousand Elim members have sprung from the work that he has accomplished over the years.

Recognising the apostolic gift on his life I have always referred to him as 'The Bishop'.  Apart from the many  who have found Christ under his leadership, several people testify to have been healed through his 'Right Now Jesus' ministry.

Though it has taken many years to reach the point when there fine facilities could be finally secured, it is clear that the tenacity that he and the leaders around him have shown has paid off.  A large auditorium and many ancillary rooms pay tangible tribute to their work throughout London.

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