Monday, November 03, 2014

Scottish Regional Retreat

Elim in Scotland has never been in  better shape than it is at the moment.  This was the clear conclusion that we came to as Marilyn and I attended and spoke at the retreat for pastors and spouses organised by Kevin and Margaret Peat and listened to the testimonies of all the good things that are taking place.  It was good too to hear of the faith-fuelled plans for the centenary celebrations in 2015

Sixteen years of our ministry was spent in Scotland - a period in which we made many friends among leaders and members alike.  One of the exciting things that are evident is not just an awareness of those who have served in Scotland for many years but the new and emerging younger leaders who are set to carry the baton into the future.  Thank you Kevin and Margaret for creating the climate for growth and thanks too to everyone in leadership for your dedication to the harvest into which you continue to sow.

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