Sunday, January 10, 2016


 It was eight years since I was last in Hastings though Paul McMichael pictured here with Pennie, his wife of just four weeks, has been the minister there for under two years. 

I have known Paul since he was a small boy so  it was a great opportunity to spend time over lunch and meet Pennie for the first time.

There was a great family atmosphere in the church and it was good to meet a number of people who have been members for many years.

In a previous post regarding my visit to Ludlow I highlighted someone who had been dedicated as a baby in Elim and was now in his 80's.  So what a pleasure it was to meet Joyce Cripps (pictured) who was brought to an Elim church 90 years ago, just ten years after our Movement was founded, and who is now 94 years old.

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