Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Letchworth Garden City Church

Although Carl and Danielle Johnston had only taken up their new pastorate at LGCC two months before my arrival, Marilyn and I were delighted to see how quickly their church had taken them to their hearts and how well they had bonded with those they were now committed to serve to lead and to serve

I recently mentioned, when reporting on my visit to Bude, that I had known the pastor and his wife since they were born and the same applies to Carl and Danielle given that their parents have have been friends of ours for very many years.

Danielle's father was a young leader in Llantrisant when I, at  21 years of age, became the pastor of my first church in 1970.

LGCC though in a small town has a great church and I have no doubt whatever that God will continue to bless Carl and Danielle as they minister there in the years that lie ahead.

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