Wednesday, March 23, 2016

One Church, Norwich

Dominic and Catherine De Souza were only recently featured on this page when I had the joy of speaking at their induction into their new Church in Norwich

My visit on this occasion was the launch of their new church name "One Church Norwich"  something that,  far from being a cosmetic exercise, is a clear expression of their vision for this fine congregation.

They had left a thriving church family in Letchworth in order to take on the challenge on a new church that was about to enter a new cultural season.

Dominic and Catherine are excellent leaders who already are seeing marked evidence of  fruitfulness both numerically and spiritually.

Marilyn and I were very warmly received by the church. This would not have been unusual in a church that had been in our Movement for many years.  It was however a very gracious expression in congregation that had only recently become part of the Elim family.

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